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Sabaash Chandrabose

Sabaash Chandrabose Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Sabaash Chandrabose Movie Review : A nostalgia-filled fun viewing

Story: In a small village, televisions were not so common in the 80s, and people gather one house with a TV to watch programmes. Two friends had an argument over watching television, resulting in one challenging the other

Review: The story takes us to Nedumangad village, in Thiruvananthapuram, in the late 80s, when televisions were not very common in houses. Yathindran (Johny Antony) is the only person in the village who has a B/W TV, and his neighbor and good friend, Chandra Bose (Vishnu Unnikrishnan) and his family, and all the neighbors assemble every evening at his house to watch television.

Yathi, Chandrabose and other friends enjoy drinks while others watch TV. One day, following an argument while watching TV, Chandrabose gets angry and challenges Yathindran in front of the other villagers that he will buy a color television within a week. How the financially weak Chandrabose buys a color television and what happens after that makes the rest of the story.

After National Award-winning Alorukkam, which fetched Indrans the State Best Actor Award, VC Abhilash’s second attempt is a light-hearted, fun movie.

The movie gives a nostalgic feel for the 80s when we used to watch TV at someone’s house; it was fun, though the new generation may not be able to get their minds around these situations. Another highlight is the factory owner in the village never gives a reasonable salary to his employees, and their strikes, and so on, are all picturised beautifully. Idukki Jaffer as Ganjar Muthalali needs a special mention. The song Jamanthee Jamanthee Penne nee Jamanthee sung by Suraj Santhosh will stay with you; all the songs have a folk touch and are soothing. Sreejith Sivasankaran’s music and BGM are nice.

Vishnu Unnikrishnan, as a short-tempered, tough guy, who is actually good at heart, does his character wonderfully, and Johny Antony gives him tough competition, with his witty dialogues and one-liners. Sajith Purushan’s camera captures the village’s beauty fantastically.

The first half gives you comic relief and the second half of the movie takes a turn towards the thriller genre, but with fun elements. Overall it is a light-hearted movie which gives a nostalgic feel, and for the young it might provide a new feeling.

-V Vinod Nair

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