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Saade Aale

Saade Aale Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Saade Aale Movie Review : The last film of Deep Sidhu is an intense drama, which unfortunately failed to keep a strong grip

‘Saade Aale’ Movie Review: The last film of Deep Sidhu is an intense drama, which unfortunately failed to keep a strong grip


Written by Balwinder Singh Grewal, ‘Saade Aale’ is a tale of two brothers Manjeet and Bikar, who try to bury the hatchet between their families. They put an end to years-long rivalry with their love and prudence. However, when everything seems to fall in the right place, a storm attacks both the families and tries to destroy everything; shattering the relationship all over again.


Late actor Deep Sidhu’s last movie ‘Saade Aale’ has finally seen the light of day. Though the movie has a very emotionally intense plot, it failed to impress us. However, before we dive into what did not work for us in the film, let us begin with the elements that deserve appreciation.

In the first part of the movie, we see Manjeet (Deep Sidhu) and Bikar (Sukhdeep Sukh) despite the rivalry between their families playing in the same Kabaddi team. They never let their family drama affect their game and play like a true sportsman. This virtue of their characters is commendable.

Further, the commentary of all the matches was the highlight of every shot. To be honest, the commentary of the matches can be regarded as the most entertaining part of the whole movie.

Moving further, the bond between Manjeet and Bikar also melts hearts. Their fun banter, calling each other ‘saade aale’ (my dearest), their trust in each other as players, their efforts to bring their families to the point of reconciliation; in short, everything about their relationship gave a very warm and fuzzy feeling.

Also, we can’t ignore the amazing work done by Guggu Gill and Mahabir Bhullar. Their acting was like a thread that kept everything together.

Now we come to parts that disappointed us. Though the story was loaded with emotions, there were scenes that despite being very sentimental did not leave any mark on the heart. The climax was written in a way to bring tears to the eyes, but it couldn’t force us to shed any.

The direction of the movie and the narration of the story lacked power. The second half of the movie seemed stretched, and the plot created needless suspense. Generally, suspense is added to infuse thrill, but herein it only led to confusion. Also, on many occasions, the transition from one scene to another looked abrupt, hinting at poor editing.

Last but not least, the songs in the movie were not bad, but they didn’t tug at the heartstrings instantly.

In a nutshell, the story had the potential to leave an impact but the narration and execution didn’t work in its favor.

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