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S5 No Exit

S5 No Exit Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.0 / 5

S5 No Exit Movie Review : A horror-thriller which fails to impress despite a stellar cast

Story: Chief minister Naidu who is on a quest to come back to power, books a complete train compartment for his son Subbu as a surprise birthday present. While Subbu and the gang were enjoying their time, another group led by Sunny entered the compartment uninvited. Soon a fight ensues between the two groups. Amid all the commotion, people start disappearing, making everybody contemplate the presence of supernatural elements. What happens to all those disappearing? Who is attacking them? Is there a sinister plot behind it?

Review: With a lineup of actors Sai Kumar, Sunil, Ali, Taraka Ratna, Prince and the likes, and a team composed of Mani Sharma, Anji, and Garry BH, one would expect an exciting, humorous and fun-filled ride, but the film proved to be the opposite. Initially, the film succeeded in establishing the narrative with creative artwork, Sai Kumar’s political backdrop, Taraka Ratna’s demeanour and Prince’s swag. But things go south once all these characters assemble in the S5 compartment of the Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam special train. An entourage of actors tried hard to create humour, but their comedy didn’t fire and misfired at best – be it Ali, as Sambasiva Rao with his over-the-top Big Boss obsession or Sunil as Suleman Khan with incoherent dialogues. Blame it on poor writing and screenplay.

The film starts with a bang with its warm and dark colour theme or thumping BGM, Sai Kumar’s acting prowess. But, alas! It doesn’t keep up the promise, and the cinematic experience diminishes with poor writing and graphics. Taraka Ratna looks menacing as Subbu, the son of a chief minister who vows to stop at nothing when it comes to protecting his father. Sai Kumar, as a political leader, is convincing, and Prince Cecil, as Sunny, looks sleek and stylish. Bharrath Komalapati looked pleasing while acting but could have done way better with the overall product. Avanthika Hari and Rutuja Sawant looked good, but that’s what their roles are limited to. Raghu Karumanchi and Fish Venkat’s comedy sounded outlandish and did not make for giggles. Other cast included Suresh Varma, Mehboob, Sanjay and Ramana Reddy.

The film had music by Mani Sharma, art by Nagendra, cinematography by Garudavega Anji, editing by Garry BH, dialogues and lyrics by Kalyan Chakravarthi and direction by Bharrath Komalapati.

Despite a stellar cast, this horror thriller is a dud and a waste of talent. A few minutes at the beginning and the end pique one’s interest and the rest of the story in the middle fails to deliver.

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