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Rorschach Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Rorschach Movie Review : A layered psychological-philosophical thriller

Story: A man waits for his missing wife to return, but what are his real intentions

As Luke Antony plots war against ten characters in the movie like the ten inkblots in the Rorschach test, the psychological projective test, the audience joins in it. Is it real or imaginative? Nevermind, it’s gripping, nerve-racking and entertaining.

Kettiyolanente Malakha director Nissam Basheer’s second outing written by Sameer Abdul is a surprising thriller which also revolves around the relationship between a husband and wife. However, it is totally different from his maiden movie – a hard-hitting ghost hunting movie with a strong cast and a dreadful ambience that will get under your skin.

Luke Antony walks into Thalamuthikunnu police station to report the disappearance of his pregnant wife Sofy after a car accident. He is tired and shattered. After intense searching, the police declares that she will never return, but Luke is not ready to take no for an answer. With the help of a local man named Balan, he camps in the village bordered with thick forest and seeped with an eerie calmness. Is Luke here waiting for his wife to return or to end the years-long wait to vent out his vengeance?

Mammootty hides his good looks with ease under his frail face, stoopy shoulders, shivering fingers and dark hoodies. His character sketch is mysterious. He may be schizophrenic with symptoms like insomnia, isolation and unexplained hostility, but he is focused. He lives in a parallel world which is surreal. Or is he a man who suffers the aftermaths of white room torture who hesitates to live in reality? However, the actor makes it a make-belief one tagging the viewers along with it.

Bindu Paniker showcases a remarkable performance as Seetha. She is cunning and strong, and ready to battle anyone who gets into her and her sons’ way. Seetha and her sons remind one of the mother from the story where the boy bit off his mom’s ear after being punished by the king for his criminal activities. The ensemble cast breathes life into characters with elan. Sharafudheen as Satheeshan, Grace Antony as Sujatha, Jagatheesh as Ashraf and Sanju Shivram as Anil add flavour to the movie.

Apart from the script, making and performances, what makes the film more electrifying is Nimish Ravi’s visuals, Kiran Das’ crisp cuts and Midhun Mukundan’s music which sets dark and diverse moods in the film which even impacts the viewer on a subliminal level. A big kudos to Sameer Abdul who came up with an interesting screenplay based on a psychological test developed by swiss psychoanalyst Hermann Rorschach in the early 1950’s to figure out personality traits of humans. There are not many films based on this concept except the Watchmen comic series and movies based on it.

There are multiple layers in the psychological thriller on human relationships, emotions, revenge, greed and love. There is philosophy too. Sometimes holding on creates more damage than letting go. The journey of revenge starts with digging two graves – one for you and one for your enemy. Greed makes one an easy prey for death.

On the whole, the film would give the perfect adrenaline rush that a theatrical experience could provide. Bravo team Rorschach for the risk, effort and dedication you have put to serve it hot and haunting.

– Anjana George

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