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Rocket Gang

Rocket Gang Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Rocket Gang Movie Review : Bosco’s first film is a fun mashup of dance and comedy with a dash of horror

Rocket Gang Story: The film follows five friends— Amarbir (Aditya Seal), Tania (Nikita Dutta), Sahib (Sahaj Singh), Pia (Mokshda Jailkhani), and Binoy aka Bunnu (Jason Tham), who decide to take a vacation after being offered a free stay at the ‘Wonder Villa’. But, as soon as they arrive, some spooky things begin to make their lives miserable. Will they be able to find out whether the house is haunted or if something else is causing all of this?

Rocket Gang Review: Rocket Gang, the debut film of choreographer-turned-director Bosco Leslie Martis, is a spooky comedy-dance drama hybrid with enough quirkiness to keep you interested in the story. The film begins with a voiceover by Ranbir Kapoor introducing the characters— Sahib, who works in an IT company and only understands ‘Copy and Paste’ language, yoga instructor Tania, whose family is pressuring her to marry, hairdresser Pia, who is excellent at her job, salesman Bunnu, who is dissatisfied with his boss, and Amarbir, who works in his father’s store but aspires to be an actor. The free stay offer at the “Wonder Villa” draws these five friends in, but their lives take a dramatic turn when they meet the other five—Je Je (Tejas Varma), Montu (Aadvik Mongia), Saher (Jayshree Gogoi), Kiara (Dipali Borkar), and Ganesh (Siddhant), who are teenagers but identify as the property’s owners-cum-caretakers. The teens race to use their extraordinary abilities to keep their guests under control, forcing them to do whatever they want. This quickly devolves into an interesting battle between five friends and five ghosts.

It’s a mediocre film that will appeal to its intended audience of teenagers. It emphasises the value of dreams and how mothers can be great sources of inspiration and support in achieving those dreams. The story isn’t the issue, but the inconsistent pace is what bothers the viewers the most. Amarbir once said to his friends, “Yaha par kuch bhi logic se ho raha hain kya?” This is exactly how the audience feels throughout the film, particularly in the first half. The latter half, however, takes an emotional turn and also focuses on the dance competition, giving the impression that we are watching the reality show “Dance India Dance” on a larger screen.

Following their success on reality dance shows (Super Dance, Dance Deewane), all of the child artists—Jayshree Gogoi, Dipali Borkar, Siddhant Vidhikant, Aadvik Mongia, and Tejas Verma—performed admirably and confidently in their big screen debut. Their dance moves will undoubtedly dazzle, but their confidence is admirable.

Aditya Seal looks charming and lends a decent performance. Nikita Dutta, who played Abhishek Bachchan’s wife in ‘The Big Bull,’ fits right in. Their on-screen chemistry falls flat. Jason Tham, Mokshda Jailkhani, and Sahaj Singh are all choreographers and dancers-turned-actors who did well in their first film. Even though they have better dance moves, the bacha party still dominates.

The upbeat song ‘Nachoge Toh Bachoge’ and the emotional climax song ‘Duniya Hai Maa Ki Godi Mein’ are both catchy. Ranbir’s cameo in the end and his dance moves to ‘Har Bacha Hain Rocket’ as the credits roll comes as a surprise.

With high-octane dance performances choreographed by Bosco-Caesar, Rocket Gang is a legitimately fun movie outing for kids, but not so much for adults.

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