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Rendagam Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Rendagam Movie Review : Twist-filled gangster drama leaves us wanting more

Rendagam Movie Synopsis: A man who needs money to go abroad with his girlfriend takes up an assignment to befriend a gangster who has lost his memories so that his rivals can learn about a valuable gold shipment that has gone missing. Will he pull off the task, or end up waking the monster in the gangster?

Rendagam Movie Review: Rendagam begins with a prologue set in 2020, when we see a man being struck a fatal blow in the midst of a clash. The setting is a drive-in theatre, and the film makes it a point to show us that the film playing is The Good The Bad and The Ugly, to signal what kind of world it’s going to lead us into. The action then cuts to the present, where we meet Kichu (Jayasurya, okayish), who is need of money to go and settle down in Sweden with his girlfriend Kalyani (Eesha Rebba).

We learn that he is a man who has been living on the edge of the law, doing oddjobs for his well-wisher Sreedharan (Aadukalam Naren). Through the latter, Kichu gets a chance to make money by taking up an assignment that involves befriending David, a confidante of Assainar, a powerful gangster. David is the very man we had met in the prologue, and we are told that he has lost his memory in the fight that resulted in the death of Assainar, and the team that’s giving Kichu the job wants to know the whereabouts of a gold shipment that’s gone missing. Can Kichu make the gangster get his memories back? How will David – who now leads the life of a simple worker in a theatre – react?

Rendagam has enough intrigue and twists in its plot for a tense action drama, but leaves us wanting more. Part of the problem is that the film we get seems to be part of a bigger story, with a sequel/prequel in mind. But whether this was intentional or something that the makers came up with midway isn’t clear. What this approach does to the film is turn it into a murky one, with the viewer expected to fill in the huge narrative gaps. The writing, too, is not strong enough, and is content with engaging us in a superficial way. For instance, his mission progress conveniently. He manages to win over David in an instant. The latter readily buys into his story, and agrees to go with him on a trip. Though And we never get why Kichu starts feeling so close to David that he wishes for the gangster to escape from whoever is after him. It doesn’t help that the line readings feel like that of a dubbed film.

Thankfully, the ticking-time-bomb nature of the plot ensures tension. As does the music, by . Arvind Swami does a good job of selling us his character, and makes us root for him. This is also why the twists towards the end work quite well. The flashy filmmaking, too, helps in elevating the writing, so that we are somewhat engaged. But the nagging feeling of how this could have been a much better action drama never leaves us.

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