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Raymo Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Raymo Movie Review : A pleasant love story

Review: Revanth Deshapande aka Raymo (Ishaan) is an egoistic, rich brat. His equation with his father Sri (Sharath Kumar) is not great as Raymo is upset over him remarrying Bhavana (Madhoo) after his mom’s death. Raymo, who is also a rockstar, is on a lookout for a female singer for his band. He then hears Mohana (Ashika Ranganath) sing and wants to hire her. Mohana, being a culturally conservative girl, doesn’t agree initially, but does so eventually to help her dad (Achyutha Kumar) realise his dream of building a bridge in his village. During the tour, they both fall in love with each other. On his deathbed, Sri reveals a few secrets to Raymo, which changes him. But due to a few misunderstandings, both Raymo and Mohana drift apart. Mohana is filled with revenge and wants to become a superstar like Raymo. Will she succeed? Will the misunderstandings resolve? Will they both end up together? This is the crux of the story.

The film has one-film-old Ishaan playing Raymo. He looks every bit a rockstar, but he still needs some more polishing when it comes to acting. Ashika has pulled off her dual-shade role easily. She looks very pretty and convinces you as a singer and as an arrogant superstar. Supporting actors – Sharath Kumar, Rajesh, Madhoo and Achyutha Kumar – have contributed to the story. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy’s pleasant cameo also adds value to the story.

The story has nothing new to offer as it has taken a leaf from a few old musical, tragic love stories. Writing could have been a little mature considering that people now flock for content-based films. Cinematography and editing are apt. Director Pavan Wadeyar has, in places, resurrected Googly. He also strikes the right chord in emotional scenes. Overall, Pavan has done a thorough job. Since this is a musical love story, Arjun Janya could have experimented a bit with the music which just sits right with the story and doesn’t stand out. It has commercial elements placed right and is not overdone. A few unrealistic scenes seem like a bit of a stretch, though. Raymo makes for a good one-time watch in theatres.

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