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Ranveer Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Ranveer Movie Review

Story: Ranveer is the story of a man who adopts the sister of his deceased friend as his own. Veer Pratap Singh (Ravi Kishan) is a rich lawyer but when his friend Ramesh (Hiten Pandey) loses his life because of him, he goes to Ramesh’s village to look after Ramesh’s three sisters. Veer Pratap pretends to be Ramesh and takes up a job in the dhaba run by Ramesh’s aunty , where he discovers that the sisters – Sangeeta, Sunita and physically challenged Munni – are being made to work long hours without being fed properly. Veer immediately starts looking after them.

Later Veer is exposed and the sisters start hating him. Veer then tells Champa that he had not killed Ramesh. However, he was accidentally killed. How veer convinces the three sisters that he is as good as their real brother and how he finishes off Chandar forms the last part of this drama.

Review: The story is quite nice and its emotional content has been artfully depicted by the screenplay. Though there are some trite moments, the screenplay manages to keep the audience interested and engrossed throughout. Ravi Kishan performs admirably well. He carries the film on his shoulders. Kajal Raghvani looks nice and has acted well. Brijesh Tipathi is excellent in his role. Rakesh Tripathi and Fareen Sheikh’s chemistry is very engrossing. Kreesha Khandelwal, Ravi kumar, Gauri Shankar, Sheetal , Isha Khan and Seema Singh provide decent support to the plot through their acting.

Director Firoz Khan does a good job and maintains a good pace. Music is note worthy with some very tuneful numbers, action scenes are cleverly guided by Kaushal. Editing is crisp. Production and technical values are of good standard.

On the whole , Ranveer will do well at the box office, more so in the small centers . Film was average in Bihar due to distribution problem but had excellent collection in Mumbai.

Source – Uday Bhagat, bhojpuritrade.blogspot.com

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