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Raangi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Raangi Movie Review : Raangi is unexpectedly great and it’s a perfect action thriller for the weekend.

Raangi Movie Synopsis: Thaiyal Nayagi, a journalist from Chennai, happens to connect with a terrorist in Tunisia through a fake account. What happens next form the crux.

Raangi Movie Review: In a industry in which female stars are mostly relegated to the role of damsel in distress or sidekicks, it is quite satisfying to watch a power-packed, sensible action thriller with them in the lead. Trisha’s Raangi, directed by M Saravanan, is one such film that centers around a journalist in Chennai who happens to learn the other side of a terrorist in Tunisia.

Less-explored plot, grand visuals and intriguing screenplay are some of the biggest factors that elevate this film to another level.

In the very first scene, we see Thaiyal Nayagi (Trisha), a journalist from Chennai, being interrogated by the FBI for a crime that she had committed. As we wait to understand what’s happening, the writer (AR Murugadoss) reveals who Thaiyal Nayagi is and how she got entangled in an international issue.

Thayal Nayagi is sort of a journalist who doesn’t refrain from the questioning the wrongdoers. She even records a few incidences and make it public for people to question. Thaiyal Nayagi happens to discover a fake-account in the name of her 16-year-old cousin, Sushmitha (Anaswara Rajan). Thaiyal invites whoever flirts in Sushmitha’s fake account to a common place and make them understand that it’s a fake ID. Things take a turn when she connects with a person in Tunisia, who works with a terrorist organization.

Little she knew that this would put herself and her cousin in danger. Can she save her cousin from this mishap or the journey would lead her to discover more about this terrorist in Tunisia, who has another side?

Despite being an action thriller, the director has managed to bring in some sort of an emotional connect with characters on-screen. The narrative is tight and constantly keeps us at the edge-of-the-seat. More than the action sequences, the relationship that builds between Aalim, the terrorist and Thayal Nayagi is beautifully portrayed and we can’t help but fall in love with it.

The climactic stunt sequences are aesthetically shot and that’s one of the surprises of many. It’s happy to witness a female-centric film that’s been made in international standards. Many don’t understand that feminism and strength go hand-in-hand and this film might pave way for many actioners featuring them.

Though majority of the scenes are engaging, a couple of scenes might tend to misguide the viewers. For instance, There is a scene were a girl regrets for her physical appearance and Thaiyal gives her a uncommon advice. Instead of asking her to accept what she is and how beautiful she already looks, Thayil smiles and tells her to study well, earn more and she can change her looks with money. This is quite contradictory as Thaiyal is someone who is projected as a matured, bold journalist.

Other than that, there’s nothing to complain about. The plot also doesn’t follow the usual commercial formula of hero vs villain of sorts. The best part is Trisha’s performance and she is quite convincing as a mass-female lead. The stunt sequences that she performs is choreographed really well. Both cinematography and background score elevates the film big time and it blends well with the plot.

Raangi is unexpectedly great and it’s a perfect action thriller for the weekend.

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