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Pyar Mein Thoda Twist

Pyar Mein Thoda Twist Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 0.5 / 5

Pyar Mein Thoda Twist Movie Review : An escapable tale of love

STORY: The plot revolves around Dheeraj Thakur and Maya, who fall in love despite their families’ long-standing animosity.

REVIEW: For it’s a little-over-two hour run time, Partho Ghosh’s ‘Pyaar Mein Thoda Twist’, seems way too long, drab and underwhelming. The film, as the title suggests, is a love story, with a supposed twist. Dheeraj (Mukesh J Bharti) and Maya (Richa Mukherjee) are born in a village in Uttar Pradesh that thrives on the tradition of running people down. And these kids belong to two of the richest men in the village, who are sworn enemies – no reason for their animosity in sight as such. Dheeraj and Maya fall in love more instantly than heat-and-eat food coming out of a microwave.

Next: their fathers play on the ‘dahej pratha’. Sadly, the girl, instead of opposing the dowry culture prevalent even today, threatens to either set herself on fire or elope with the guy. Hell, she even convinces the father to agree to the marriage with the dowry condition intact. The twist in the story is a dacoit and murderer on the loose, with a bounty of Rs 20 lakhs if caught alive. How the chase for this dacoit impacts Dheeraj and Maya’s marriage plans forms the rest of the narrative.

The lead pair lacks any chemistry whatsoever. All the performers, without an exception, even the seasoned names like Rajesh Sharma and Govind Namdeo in the supporting cast, put up a ham show throughout the runtime. The director has not quite lived up to what was expected of him. The writing and editing departments could do with a crash course, too.

The music, unfortunately, the last piece by Bappi Lahiri that one would hear in a film, has been used poorly. The cinematography and every other department, feel they were exhausted from the word go. While the intention of the film was to draw attention to why people must not encourage dowry culture, the makers completely lost their way.

To sum up, if you can’t find a way to break up during this Valentine’s Week, take your ‘beloved’ for a date to this movie. The break-up will become inevitable – the choice of movie for the date being the topmost reason for that.

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