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Priyan Ottathilanu

Priyan Ottathilanu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Priyan Ottathilanu Movie Review : A sweet story on people’s goodness

Story: Dr Priyadarshan is a good Samaritan and a go-to-go person for everybody around him. Most of the time, he keeps his own commitments aside to fulfill the needs of others. Will he have to give up his secret dream for his compassion?

Review: Homeo doctor Priyadarshan is always on the run and has time for everybody around him. He is there to fix the gas stove, get the location for film shoots, take the child to school, mend relationships and even arrange a waste management system. Though he keeps his personal commitments aside to help others, he is lucky to have an understanding wife and parents. On the whole, whoever has met Priyan once will love and trust him for sure. Even the audience.

Filmmaker Antony Sony’s second outing is a fun-filled feel-good movie that reminds one of the 80s and 90s cinema, like Golanthara Vartha. The slice of life movie, scripted by Abhayakumar K and Anil Kurian, has successfully managed to take the audience along with Priyan’s every activity from the beginning to the end of the movie. This is supported well by PM Unnikrishnan’s cinematography, Joel Kavi’s editing, Lijin Bambino’s music and Vishnu Govind’s music.

Like the lag-free scripting, the casting and their performances have made the movie an entertaining watch.

Malayalam cinema has witnessed the growth of actor Sharafudheen who debuted playing a shrewd marriage broker and mechanic Sunny in Om Shanti Oshana. As he makes Priyan, an endearing person with his subtle mannerisms and internalisation, the actor also proves that he can shoulder a watchable movie by himself. The Anjaam Paathiraa actor is here to stay. Nyla Usha plays Priscilla Thankam, an independent single woman with post traumatic stress disorder, whom Priyan meets on a crucial day of his life; and she is a breath of fresh air. She has portrayed the character with ease. Biju Sopanam showcases a unique performance as Chekuttan and Shivan Sopanam needs a mention. The other convincing characters include those enacted by Jaffer Idukki, Ashokan, Siminu Siji, Sudhi Koppa and Harisree Ashokan.

It is often important to think whether you need a cameo appearance to bring in a twist in the story or to give an adrenaline rush. The portrayal of the cameo appearance of Mammootty as Mammootty seemed like more from a fan than from the director of the film which was endorsed by the actor’s epic sunglasses, long shot slow motion walk and background score.

Priyadarshan has been a hyperactive Good Samaritan since his childhood. Through him, the family entertainer once again tells the world that compassion and benevolence still prevail in the universe and there are many such Priyans in this world whom we should acknowledge.

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