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Prince Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Prince Movie Review : This comedy falls flat despite quirky premise

Prince Movie Synopsis: An Indian man falls in love with his British colleague, but given that his grandfather was a freedom fighter, can he convince his father of the match?

Prince Movie Review:
The central conceit of Prince is something that seems quirky enough for a comedy, but the film we get feels like an uneven YouTube skit. The plot revolves around Anbu (Sivakarthikeyan), a teacher in a small town, who falls in love with Jessica (Maria Ryaboshapka), a British girl.

The catch here is that his father, a very progressive man, is unable to accept this romance because his own father fought against the British. Perhaps Anudeep and Sivakarthikeyan felt that this silly line would translate into something truly funny, like it did with Doctor. But sadly, here, things fall flat.

There are a few stretches that offer a glimpse at the promise this subject might have presented to the makers. Like a scene involving bottle gourd, a go-for-broke pj-filled scene at a police station and the climax. But in between such moments of inspired silliness is not inanity but dead air.

The cast is game enough and does it’s best, but with the material hardly offering anything to hold on to, they can only try. Even Sivakarthikeyan, who turns on the comic persona from his early films that made him a star, is only able to just about keep the film from sinking.

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