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Prem Pratha Dhumshaan

Prem Pratha Dhumshaan Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Prem Pratha Dhumshaan Movie Review : A poignant take on caste discrimination and superstition

In the interiors of the Konkan region, the villagers are getting ready to organise Gaavpalan, an ancient ritual where they lock their houses, seal the village borders and go to stay in the forest for a few days. The superstitious tradition is followed once every three years and despite anti-superstition organisations doing their best to stop it, the villagers don’t yield. In between all this, a love story is taking shape – that of Shyam and Payal.

But, is it even a love story if it proceeds without any problems? In Shyam and Payal’s case, it is caste discrimination that becomes a hurdle in their way. Shyam comes from a lower caste and Payal, from an upper caste. When Payal’s family learns about this blossoming romance, they make it a personal agenda to stop it from going any further, be it by locking Payal in the house, or threatening to kill Shyam. So, Shyam and Payal decide to elope. But will they be able to run away with the village borders sealed and villagers keeping guard?

While the plot is reminiscent of Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat, Prem Pratha Dhumshaan is a different take on the topic of unfulfilled love, superstitions and caste discrimination. Director Abhijeet Warang handles the subject in the raw, unpolished way that it absolutely needs to be. Armed with strong performers, led by Vinayak Chavan and Shivali Parab, both in lead roles for the first time, this film makes a mark and gets you thinking about a lot of things. Vinayak’s portrayal of the youngster torn between love and beliefs is on point. Shivali, known for her comic skits, performs well and nails the role too.

On the flipside, Prem Pratha Dhumshaan could’ve done with a slightly lesser running time. Some parts are stretched and repetitive and the background music takes away from the impact of many scenes. The focus also wavers due to multiple angles being explored.

All said and done, the film is a poignant take on issues like discrimination and superstition. For that and the performances, it definitely warrants a watch.

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