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Prem Prakaran

Prem Prakaran Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 4.0 / 5

Prem Prakaran Movie Review : It’s a refreshing story of old school love that feels personal

Story: Prem Prakaran revolves around a singer, Aditya’s (Gaurav Paswala) rise to stardom and subsequently, his unrequited love Aarti (Deeksha Joshi). The love that had once been lost from his life comes back to him in a different form, through Riya (Esha Kansara), years later. The question is, will he go back to Aarti or will he accept his love for Riya and start life afresh?

Review: Prem Prakaran is probably the first musical film made in Dhollywood. Bollywood biggie Amit Trivedi has given 9 songs to this film. The storyline is so fluid that despite the film being over two hours long, you don’t feel tired as a viewer and bask in the love that the script offers. As the story unfolds, it is beautiful to see Aditya’s love grow manifolds and how he holds on to the hope of fulfilling it. During times like this, where people find love in a swipe, watching a film that tells a story of old school love is refreshing and brings back memories of your own long-lost love. This story feels personal.

The lead star cast-Gaurav Paswala, Deeksha Joshi and Esha Kansara-have weaved a beautiful visual story for the audience and come up with stellar performances. Gaurav Paswala as Aditya has brought out the best in himself and it is amazing to see two Gauravs on the screen-the school-going lad and then the rockstar-and he does full justice to both the parts. It is not often that an actor can perform well after a leap, but Gaurav has achieved this feat.

Deeksha Joshi as Aarti, a small town girl, is very convincing till the last frame. She has even got the Kathiyawadi dialect correct to a T. Not once throughout the film will you doubt her authenticity as a small town Kathiyawadi girl.

Esha Kansara as Riya has lived up every bit to her glamorous avatar. What is inspiring is that despite being a rich girl, she does not bring that aspect into her relationship with Aditya. Not once do we hate her, nor does she drift away in her role of a diva.

Amit Trivedi, the man behind the songs of this film, has also lent his voice to Laagni and Yaado Tari among others. When one hears too many songs in a film, it tends to get monotonous but here, the background score and the songs are very refreshing and will linger on much after you have left the theatre. And then, there is Zidd sung by Jigardan Gadhavi (Jigrra) that soothes your soul.

The film, written and directed by Chandresh Bhatt, is produced by Sanjay Bhatt and Kevin Bhatt. The songs are written by Niren Bhatt. This is only the second Gujarati film to be released on the big screen after the third wave and it should work out in the film’s favour. Prem Prakaran definitely gives a deja vu feeling and reminds you of Rockstar and Aashiqui 2. But then, there’s nothing wrong in bringing a great story to your local language, isn’t it?

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