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Prakashan Parakkatte

Prakashan Parakkatte Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Prakashan Parakkatte Movie Review : An empathetic take on growing pains

Story: A ‘coming of age’ tale with the focus on family

Review: Prakashan Parakkatte, Dhyan Sreenivasan’s third screenwriting venture, is a simple story about accepting a person for who he is and yet coaxing him to be the best version of himself.

Though the titular Prakashan is essayed by Dileesh Pothen, the story – a coming of age tale – is told focusing mainly on his son, Das (Mathew Thomas), a truant and a bit of a delinquent youngster. The first half of the film takes us through Das’s waywardness, young love and friendship. It’s an empathetic, though typical character portrayal and quite ho-hum. We are introduced to his mother (Nisha Srang); cute and artistically talented, younger brother Akhil (Rithunjay Sreejith) in a regular household.

The story gets teeth in the second half, when there is an accident involving the young brothers, and that is when we are taken on an emotional and relatable journey of how a family behaves and pulls together when put in a fatally stressful situation.

Dhyan’s scripting has seen a maturing in each attempt. His first, Goodalochana, was about friends and capers, followed by Love Action Drama, which moved on to relationships and finally evolving into family life with Prakashan Parakkatte. The film, ably directed by Shahad, definitely benefits from the solid acting by all the main characters, including a comic character played by Saiju Kurup and a small role by Aju Varghese. The four main characters – Dileesh, Mathew, Nisha and Rithunjay – need to be lauded for bringing the perfect emotion, comedy and more to their roles.

The film teethers on tricky territory with how it portrays young love, particularly in these troubling times when boys don’t know how to take no for an answer with fatal results. But the answer that the story arrives at is loving, but strong parenting, as it should be. And the final message is thought-provoking; money is important, and while it doesn’t have to be the most important thing in life, each one has to figure out what is topmost for them. The title of the film remains a mystery, and a last minute explanation, seems a bit of an afterthought.

Guruprasad does a great job with cinematography, and he is able to do it also thanks to the cute setting of the house, which conveys an image of a family with problems, but also one where there is love. Shaan Rahman’s music is lovely, and the fun Kannu Kondu Nulli, written by Manu Manjith and rendered by Jassie Gift, is sure to get popular.

Prakashan Parakkatte is a good movie for the family to watch together and even pick up a couple of lessons from.

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