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Posti Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Posti Movie Review : Prince Kanwalljit Singh’s sheer acting talent tries to hold a loosely written script

Posti Movie Review: Prince Kanwalljit Singh’s sheer acting talent tries to hold a loosely written script

Keeda, a pure-hearted soul is one of those unfortunates who fell into drug addiction unknowingly and unintentionally. He is called ‘posti’(drug user) by everyone in his village. Despite his drug abuse, he understands the cons of being an addict and he dreams of a Punjab which is free of all sorts of drugs, where unemployment is not an issue, and where women are treated with the utmost respect. He tries his level best to do right by people, but not everyone understands his pure intentions.

The concept of the movie is very brave. From drug peddlers running their businesses right under the nose of the system, to the system using the same peddlers to support their parties, all the important social issues have been highlighted. The movie also sheds light on how the people in power place their pawns in every establishment, leaving the educated youth jobless and helpless at the same time.

However, to showcase all these issues, several characters, and subplots run in the film, and almost each one of them ends without a proper conclusion. It would not be wrong to state that if the makers would have kept the narrative shorter and concentrated on one issue at a time, the movie could have done better.

Also, generally, it is noticed that in Punjabi films the second half looks a little stretched, but in this one, even the first half makes you crave an early interval. Sadly, you don’t get that break quickly, and finally, when you get one, it doesn’t look properly placed. There comes a time when you feel that the stories are just being dragged, and the narration is simply going on without any conclusive point.

Nevertheless, what impresses us the most in the film is the work of the actors. We are going to start with Keeda aka Posti, played by Prince Kanwaljit. His hold over his character was flawless, and the honesty with which he brought all the emotions on the screen was just magnificent. You can relate to his pain, to his helplessness where he wishes to get rid of his addiction but he can’t, to his selfless love, to his child-like innocence, and his pure intentions to make everything right. He is one character in the movie, who makes you laugh and cry; the one character that draws your attention to the main issues.

On the other hand, Vadda Grewal, who plays Keeda’s best friend, also did a great job. His major part in the movie is to play a clown, but in the climax scene, he is the one who leaves you with teary eyes.

Now let’s move further on to our next character – Jeeva played by Babbal Rai – a young talent of Punjab with a Ph.D., who owing to the politics sits unemployed at his home. He stands as an example of the youth being wronged by the government. Also, he is fondly in love with Jeevan (Suriliee Gautam). However, as aforementioned, Jeeva and Jeevan’s story is a subplot in the movie, and owing to so much going around, it is hard to understand the main motive behind their characters and their storyline.

Last but not least, Rana Ranbir is another star, without whose mention the review would be incomplete. Playing the character of a monster who beats his wife, sells his house, and brings his entire family to ruins owing to his drug addiction, Rana Ranbir even with his minimum screentime leaves an impression.

In a nutshell, the actors did their best on the screen, but if the characters would have been drawn with more detailing and precision on the canvas, the movie could have done wonders. It has the potential to set a benchmark but failed of a loose-ended story and direction.

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