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Poo Sandi Varan

Poo Sandi Varan Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Poo Sandi Varan Movie Review : A powerful horror flick that scares and thrills in effective ways

Poo Sandi Varan Movie Synopsis: A journalist who writes supernatural stories encounters a chilling revelation that takes him on an unexpected ride.Poo Sandi Varan Movie Review: Poo Sandi Varan projects itself as the first Malaysian Tamil horror flick. But to begin with, it is a solid thriller that is intriguing and riveting for the most parts. Though the film comes with only a handful of characters, it keeps us invested and engaged throughout. The writing here definitely deserves a mention.Going by the title, Poo Sandi Varan might come across as yet another horror vehicle that employs a lot of jump scares. However, it is different in multiple aspects, considering that it does not depend on scares to keep audiences engaged, and instead relies on story and plot.An image of a scarecrow is what we get in the initial frames after which we are introduced to Murugan (Ramana), a Tamil journalist from Madurai, who writes paranormal stories for a magazine in Malaysia. On his journey, he meets Shankar (Tinesh Sarathi Krishnan), who narrates a paranormal incident that happened to him and his friends Anbu (Logan Nathan) and Guru (Ganeshan Manoharan). Anbu has paralysis and he collects coins as a hobby. One day, they use one of the oldest coins in his collection to play Ouija and call out to a spirit for fun. Little do they realise that they are inviting a soul that’s dangerous and mysterious in many ways. As the film progresses, the soul begins to entice them into accomplishing its own desires. Once they start unraveling the spirit’s past, they stumble upon a historic connection that dates back to many centuries. These friends come across a chilling twist at the interval point, and post that, the film turns into an investigative thriller that tries to decode the origin of the lost soul.Filmmaker JK Wicky has done a commendable job in penning a screenplay like this, which requires a lot of research. He has opted for a minimalistic approach, despite the subject being vast. What works is the flawless performances of every actor involved and the editing also elevates the film. Logan Nathan and Tinesh, who have good screen space, deliver their best. Hamsni Perumal, who plays the role of Mallika, an archeological student, comes up with an intense performance.The film’s core idea touches upon man’s greed, helplessness, desperation and desire to own something that’s not his. The thought ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure ‘ echoes vehemently throughout the film and it’s justified in the end. However, if these elements had worked predominantly in the foreground, putting the mythical element in the back seat, the film could have turned into something extraordinary. You sense that the film does not want to shift towards the psychological and humane territory; it chooses to stay on course with its fantasy element to provide a compelling watch. We also get a revelation on the origin of the word Poosandi and how it links to the story.The background score, composed by Dustin Riduan Shah, is very sensible and adds immense value to the film’s narrative. The use of sound and silence is definitely worth applauding. The frames look stunning, given the fact that the film was shot under constraints in Malaysia. Moreover, the director also leaves us with the promise of a sequel, which definitely might require a massive budget.

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