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Peace Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Peace Movie Review : No food for thought

Story: A food delivery partner and his near and dear ones have to go through a series of events, starting the night after his daughter’s marriage is fixed

Review: Carlos (Joju George), a widower, works as a delivery partner with an online delivery service, and is friendly with Jalaja (Asha Sharath), who runs a catering service. His daughter Renuka (Aditi Ravi), a nurse, is in love with her colleague, Gibran (Shalu Rahim), and one night the four of them get together, with the young couple intending to tell Carlos about their intention to marry.

After the party, Gibran, Carlos and a friend, Jomon (Vijilesh Karayad), go to drop off the former’s friend to the railway station when, on the way, they meet a person (Mamukoya) and offer a lift as it is late. Immediately after, an accident happens and they are caught by police officer Dixon (Anil Nedumangad), who demands Rs 30 lakh to save them from the case. To save themselves what they do with the advice of Gibran’s father, Kalaji (Siddique), makes the rest of the story.

Director Sanfeer attempts to make his debut with a light comedy thriller, but isn’t successful. The weak storyline and screenplay and a lag in the second half leave you feeling tired. Joju George, who has switched gears from his recently released Solamante, where he plays a serious investigative officer, makes you laugh.

Aditi Ravi is okay, and after a long time, Remya Nambeesan comes back to Malayalam movies as Dr Angel. Siddique is the USP of the movie. Music is nothing to write home about except for the Kallatharam Annu Muthal song, sung by Joju. BGM is apt for the situations.

– V Vinod Nair

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