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Pathaam Valavu

Pathaam Valavu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Pathaam Valavu Movie Review : An emotional cop-convict drama

Story: When a murder convict on parole does not report back after his parole finishes, a police team nabs and brings him back to jail. On the way, the SI and team learn how he became a murderer

Review: M Padmakumar who gave us movies like Joseph and Akashamittayee, brings us another thriller with Patham Valavu.

SI Sethu (Indajith Sukumaran) was about to proceed on leave to see his pregnant hospitalised wife, after he signs out from the day’s duty, but his superior gives him a responsibility to nab a murder convict, Soloman (Suraj Venjaramoodu), who has not reported back after his parole ended.

The police team leaves for the high ranges, nabs him and starts their return journey, but because of a landslide, are stuck on the road. A tea shop owner at the spot tells the Sethu the story of Soloman, a young orphan who grows up to be a good samaritan, falls in love with a girl Seetha (Aditi Ravi) of another community, and gets married despite opposition from the girl’s parents and the man who was meant to marry her, Varadan (Ajmal Ameer). The couple have a baby girl, then Varadan, a police officer, comes to their local police station. Soloman’s young daughter goes missing and they learn she was brutally raped. Had Varadan come to take revenge on Seetha? How Soloman became a murderer is the rest of the story.

The two-hour movie is not quite an edge of seat thriller, but more an emotional tale of two families and men, one who has lost his child and another set to become a father. These emotions have been captured by the director very well.

Indrajit and Suraj are well juxtaposed in their opposing roles and are well matched in acting chops. All the actors have, in fact, done justice to their roles. Sometimes we feel a lag in the flow, and we are not able to connect well with the characters.

Songs have nothing much to do with all being in the background to match the flow of the story. The cinematography was brilliant, Ratheesh Ram captured the high range cynic beauty so brilliantly, whether it is the church festivities or the early morning mist, hills, or the rains.

Patham Valavu can be a one-time watch with an interesting twist.

V Vinod Nair

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