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Pampa Panchalli Parashivamurthy

Pampa Panchalli Parashivamurthy Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Pampa Panchalli Parashivamurthy Movie Review : This murder mystery tells the tale of a Kannada activist

Plot: Pampa (Keerthy Bhanu) is a college professor and a writer by passion. He is mostly loved by all his students and his peers respect him. But, a murder attempt on him opens Pandora’s box. An inspector steps in to probe the case. What’s the murderer’s motive? Is Pampa really the man who everyone thinks he is, forms the rest of the story.

Review: Stories about language, motherland and valour are some of the easiest ways to make it to the audiences’ heart. The film Pampa, which released this week, deals with a similar subject. A murder mystery, the film tells the story of Panchahalli Parashivamurthy, also known as Pampa among his students.

S Mahendar has donned director’s hat after several years and has somewhat succeeded in giving out an interesting murder mystery. The last few minutes of the film that leads to the climax is written and shot exceptionally well. But the movie lacks speed. There are several dialogues and scenes that awakens the activism mode in Kannadigas. Simultaneously, there is also a love track.

Hamsalekha’s songs are a treat to the ears. Keerthi Bhanu as Pampa has done a good job. His love interest Sangeetha Sringeri has performed her parts well. Aravind as inspector steals the show with his performance. His terrific voice comes as an added advantage. He fits the role like a hand-in-glove. Raghav Nayak, Adithya Shetty and Krishna have given their best in a small role.

If you can take the slow-pace of the film, the story and climax is a treat for the murder-mystery fans.

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