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Palthu Janwar

Palthu Janwar Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Palthu Janwar Movie Review : A sweet slice of life movie

Synopsis: Aspiring animator, Prasoon is forced to join as a livestock inspector under the dying-in-harness post of his father at Kizhakkanmoola. Will he be able to adjust with the people and the problems of the domestic animals in the little village bordered by hills?

Review: In a conversation with his classmate, Stefy, who advises him to quit the course and follow his passion, a helpless Prasoon responds, “I have an amazing adapting capacity. I will somehow survive anywhere in this world.”

Prasoon (Basil Joseph) is a passionate animator. After failing in entrepreneurial attempts in animation, he is forced by his family to join as a livestock inspector under the dying-in-harness post of his father. The film opens with him, a young lad, leaving his home in a city and travelling with his brother-in-law to start his job. He is depressed and dissatisfied with the newest developments in his life. However, he tries to go with the flow.

On the very first day at the veterinary hospital, he is asked to give medicines in the absence of the doctor and he does it with the support of Stephy over the phone. As the movie progresses, he encounters many people and their pets with different characters. At times, he has even thought of quitting his job as he is unable to adjust with the circumstances. It is further triggered by the involvement of a panchayat member, two veterinary doctors, a priest, a milk vendor and a cow owner. However, he decides to pursue the job. Will the animator turned livestock inspector manage to survive in the village?

‘Everything is ok’ with filmmaker Sangeeth P Rajan’s debut directorial that explores the beautiful bond between humans and domestic animals. A slice of life movie – scripted by Vinoy Thomas and Aneesh Anjali – it has a novel take on those working with animals from the films that has earlier touched on the veterinary profession. While each character is layered in humour, it also speaks for those who are forced to take up jobs that they are not interested in, those who are struggling with alcohol abuse and addicts of blind belief systems.

Cinematographer Renadive has pleasingly captured the picturesque beauty of Kudianmala and Ranesh CP’s colouring adds more flavour to it. The film has songs composed by Justin Varghese and written by Suhail Koya, that adds apt emotions to the sequences. The sound mixing and design too need a mention.

The major highlight of the film is the outstanding performances of the actors like Johny Antony, Indrans, Shammi Thilakan, Jaya Kurup and Siby Thoams who supported Basil Joseph to make Prasoon compelling. Sruthy Suresh as Stephy is a breath of fresh air that the big screen could make use of. It would have been interesting if the script could have delved in a bit more on characters performed by Shammi Thilakan and Siby Thomas. And also, on the camaraderie between humans and animals which is looked at in this film from the owner’s perspective.

Palthu Janwar is different from the human-animal films like CID Moosa, Gajakesariyogam, Ringmaster and Samanam, in that it sums up with a beautiful message, ‘every life is precious’. A fun-filled entertainer watched irrespective of age would be a refreshing break for Kerala audience. Here’s Malayalam cinema’s first Onam entertainer of 2022.
– Anjana George

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