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Paga Paga Paga

Paga Paga Paga Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Paga Paga Paga Movie Review : This revenge comedy thriller works in parts but feels archaic in its narration

Story: Set in Vijayawada, the plot begins in 1985, showcasing the most prominent junction as a watering hole for criminals who would do anything for a price as low as Rs.500. Jagadish aka Jaggu (Saluri Koti) from Pezzonipet in the city, handles contract killing along with his friend, Krishna (Maganti Venu Benerjee) from the same locality. Cut to 2006, Abhi (Abhilash Sunkara) and Siri (Deepika Aradhya), studying in the same college, fall in love and get married. There is a bolo issued to take out Abhi. Who gave it and why? Who received the murder contract?

Review: The movie begins on an intense note with Jaggu from Pezzonipet executing a contract murder being the mind and his partner the muscle. As his partner-friend gets caught by police, Jaggu promises to take care of his friend’s family. After the birth of his daughter, Jaggu decides to change his path and becomes a business tycoon but fails to keep up his promise. His world revolves around his daughter Siri; his world doesn’t function without her. While the first half entertains and engages in parts with college humour and the blossoming of love between the lead pair. The second half, which is supposed to be intense, fizzles out due to a lack of better writing and screenplay. The transition from the first to the second half could have been better. While the film’s title emphasises revenge, there isn’t a concrete narrative that feels like revenge.

Abhilash Sunkara, who worked as a stuntman in more than 350 films, including the Baahubali franchise, debuted as an actor in this film. Needless to say, during the action scenes, he looked effortless and came up with an impressive performance. On the other hand, Kannada actress Deepika Aradhya made her Telugu debut with this film and delivered a good performance. Music director Saluri Koti turned into an actor to play a crucial character as a goon, businessman and overzealous father. He did a commendable job donning a character with multiple shades.

The cast included GV Sudhakar Naidu, Bharani Shankar, Karate Kalyani, Ram Sunkara, Rayala Harischandra Sampath Reddy, Vaasu, Jagadeesh Vuyyuru and others. The film, directed by Wuyyuru Ravi Sri Durga Prasad, had music by Saluri Koti, cinematography by Naveen Challa, editing by KAY Paparao, and action direction by Ram Sunkara.

Paga Paga Paga is decent in parts but feels archaic in its narration.. However, the lead pair did a good job, and the music director turned actor Saluri Koti donned a crucial role delivering an impressive performance.

Paul Nicodemus

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