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Padma Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Padma Movie Review : An engaging take on a modern-day marriage

Story: Padmaja Cheroth and psychologist Ravi are like chalk and cheese, but have a happy, married life. Will their wedded bliss stand the test of time?

Review: Love lies in the small gestures, is an age old saying in married life. What happens when a relationship expert and divorce specialist forgets to practice what he preaches in his own life?

Anoop Menon’s debut directorial Padma speaks about the intricacies of marital bonds, which is a melange of love, romance, lust, sex, trust, understanding, acceptance and caring in the contemporary scenario. The protagonists Padma (Surabhi Lakshmi) and Dr Ravi (Anoop Menon) are polar opposites. Born and brought up in rural Kerala, Padma is less affected by the materialistic gimmicks of the urban world. Whereas, Ravi is trying hard to integrate with city life, which include complexes on accents, brand consciousness and Anglican slavery.

The strength of their seemingly okay marriage is questioned when Padma takes an unexpected step in their relationship. Will Padma, who had to compromise her choices in finding a partner, to the place she has to settle down, endure the test of time?

The story is relevant in the world of smartphones and the rat race, and throws light on different interesting aspects of today’s social realities in relationships. However, it fails to anchor on a storyline. Though this the story of every Padma (wife) here, it is still narrated through Ravi’s perspective. It gives the man’s point of view on modern day women. This includes their thoughts on a woman’s need in a relationship to ideas on beauty.

However, what makes it interesting is Padma, who surprises in the story, enhanced by Surabhi’s subtle expressions. Dinesh Prabhakar who appears in just one scene catches the audience’s attention as he gives one of his best performances so far.

The director and the technical crew have managed to make a watchable film. In the world of political correctness, which is considered a barrier on the freedom of expression of artistes, it’s high time for the scribes to think from at least from the point of view of the lead characters portrayed in the movie – be it any gender.

This is a modern-day movie for husbands and wives who have forgotten to respect, acknowledge and care for the little things in life.
– Anjana George

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