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Oye Makhna

Oye Makhna Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Oye Makhna Movie Review : From comedy to romance to emotions, this film has a perfect blend of every element

25-year-old Makhan and his uncle Shinda are like two peas in a pod. Their love for each other is untainted; their camaraderie gives everyone friendship goals. Though they are uncle and nephew, their relationship is equivalent to a father-son relationship. Therefore, when Makhan loses his heart in love with Rimple, at first sight, he first tells his best friend, his uncle, and not his father. Now Shinda does everything possible to ensure his nephew marries the girl of his dream. He doesn’t really care about the wrong or the right ways, he goes to any and every extent to see his Makhan happy. However, in doing so, Shinda fixes Makhan’s marriage with the wrong girl named Guddi. Now every relationship gets entangled in the lies woven by Makhan and Shinda, and the integrity of families is put at stake. And then Makhan decides finally whether he goes after the girl of his dreams or sacrifices everything for the love of his family.

The Punjabi movie world has always been appreciated for serving the audience with its amazing romantic comedies, and ‘Oye Makhna’ is a perfect example of it. However, what makes this film a little more special and different than other Punjabi rom-coms is the element of emotions.

Written by Rakesh Dhawan and directed by Simerjit Singh, this film tells not just one but many tales. It is a story of an uncle and nephew, it is a tale of a young love that just wishes to meet its fate, and it is an account of emotions that can make every heart feel overwhelmed.

We will be talking about each of these stories one by one, starting with the bond between Shinda (played by Guggu Gill) and Makhan (played by Ammy Virk). In the ‘Qismat’ franchise, we have seen Ammy always being scared of Guggu Gill, as he never approves of his love. But in ‘Oye Makhna’, Guggu is totally on the side of ‘Team Ammy’. This fresh relationship just makes you smile every time, and their bond overshadows almost every other thing in the movie.

On one hand, where Guggu Gill’s comic timing and mischievousness, tickle your funny bones, on the other hand, the way how his heart bleeds for every innocent soul makes you cry a river. Similarly, initially, Ammy Virk wins hearts with his charm and comedy, but later comes a scene where he can be seen slapping himself as he punishes himself for hurting his uncle; and that’s where your eyes again turn teary. Both their performances as individuals and as a team together is the major highlight of the film.

Speaking of performances, let’s now talk about the female lead of the film – Rimple played by Tania. This movie marks Tania and Ammy’s fifth film together. In the last four films, we saw Tania as either a very docile, homely girl or as a young lady who would do anything to get Ammy’s attention. However, this time the tables are turned. In this film, Tania pays no heeds to Ammy’s efforts. She is playing an beautiful independent girl, who focuses on her career more than anything. She is both practical and emotional and knows how to handle herself. Basically, she is not your regular damsel in distress; rather is a perfect representation of a strong modern-day woman.

Besides these three main actors, the film also has Tarsem Paul, Sukhwinder Chahal, Sidhika Sharma, Deedar Gill, and many others in pivotal roles. Each of the actors has done justice to their character and ensured to keep the audience glued to their seats. There was not even a single character or actor in the movie, which looked forced into the script, each one of them had their own contribution to the story.

Now coming to the story and direction, well Rakesh Dhawan knows how to keep a balance of comedy and sensibility. On one hand, where the concept of the film in itself is very sweet, on the other hand, the dialogues supporting the script are just amazing. Honestly, there are a couple of both funny and sentimental dialogues in the film that will stay with you even after the movie is over.

In addition to the dialogues, what compliments a good script is a strong director. Simerjit Singh is called the easiest director to work with in Pollywood, and keeping the same image, he worked on this film. His execution always comes very close to flawlessness and that can be seen in the movie.

However, we do have a little complaint about the length of the film, as it could appear a little stretched in some places.

Nevertheless, all in all, the movie is a complete entertainer, with a great script, right execution, stunning performances, and not to forget heart-touching music.

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