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Ori Devuda

Ori Devuda Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Ori Devuda Movie Review : This tastefully made fantasy rom-com explores second chances in life

Story: Arjun Durga Raj (Vishwak Sen) gets married to his best friend Anu Paul (Mithila Palkar) without second thoughts, but one year into the marriage, he regrets his decision and files for a divorce. A stranger in the judicial court guides him to a love court, wherein a mysterious man (Venkatesh) offers him a golden ticket. What happens once he accepts the ticket with conditions? How did his life change?

Review: In a frame reminiscing the Creation of Adam, a Fresco painting by Michelangelo, a mysterious man covers a golden ticket to our protagonist Arjun and offers to solve his problem. Who doesn’t love second chances in life? This romantic comedy-drama explores the world of second chances, making the audience crave one or realise they already have one. While presenting different points of view and how our way of looking at things differently can alter the outcome or change the whole narrative in the same relationship, director Ashwath Marimuthu showcased a beautifully made movie. It’s not groundbreaking by any means, but a well-adapted and narrated remake of his 2020 film, Oh My Kadavule. However, the movie’s first half could have been more engaging, and the makers could have established Anu’s character better.

The movie begins with Arjun accepting Anu’s proposal, and things happen fast and easy. Within no time, they are a married couple, and despite being a graduate who just cleared his backlogs, Arjun lands a job in his new father-in-law’s office. Everything looks set, but the problem is that everything happened quick and easy. The following incidents drive a wedge between Arjun and Anu, and his crush from school, Meera (Asha Bhat), adds fuel to the fire. Vishwak Sen carried his character with a certain ease, which would be appreciated by the audience. Whether it’s humour, happiness or sadness, he makes you root for his character. Vishwak came up with a dynamic performance. Mithila Palkar exudes cuteness and fits her role with tailor-made narratives and dialogues. She simply shines in the second half of the movie. Asha Bhat, as Meera, looked attractive and did a commendable job. Venkatesh Kakumanu, as Mani, brings entertainment to the table and comes up with an impressive supporting act with his comic timing. As Anu’s father, Murali Sharma has once again lived up to his standards.

Venkatesh Daggubati as a mysterious man, aka God, looks at his jovial best and adds to the overall appeal of the film. Rahul Ramakrishna, as his sahadevudu (a person with god), though entertaining, had a limited role. Music director Leon James provided a delicate and decent score appealing to the senses. Cinematographer Vidhu Ayyana crafted the scenes tastefully, and Vijay Mukthavarapu aided with the editing.

Ori Devuda, directed by Ashwath Marimuthu and starring Vishwak Sen, Mithila Palkar, and Asha Bhat, is a relatable rom-com with a touch of fantasy and tries to appeal to your senses. Watch it for its second half.

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