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Orchestra Mysuru

Orchestra Mysuru Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Orchestra Mysuru Movie Review : A very long road to success

Plot: Poorna (Poornachandra Mysore) is an assistant at a dental clinic. His only dream is to become the lead singer in an Orchestra band. Can he triumph over the difficulties and get closer to the mic?

Review: Young lad Poorna (Poornachandra Mysore), who works in a dental clinic, has only one dream – to become the lead singer in an Orchestra band. He idolises Naveen Raj (Dileep Raj), who is a renowned name in the local orchestra. After initial struggle, Poorna does find a place in Dileep’s team only to be humiliated and discouraged. He also has a love interest Rajashree and friends who support him in his journey of being an orchestra singer. He also has a love interest, Shilpa (Rajalakshmi Murthy), and friends who support him in his journey. Will Poorna make it?

Orchestra Mysuru, despite having a familiar story, takes shape in an unfamiliar premise. The film explores the beautiful city of Mysuru and the culture of an orchestra, which is diminishing these days.

Poorna makes a promising debut. He is impressive as the boy next door, with dreams in his eyes. Rajalakshmi supports him well. Dileep Raj is the only known face among the fresh lot and his performance is memorable. He plays an idol who later turns into a villain and he is impeccable in delivering it. Local talents from Mysuru, who play Poorna’s friends, have lent the story and the lead actor good support to carry the film forward.

The film is almost 3-hours-long and the screenplay lags a bit in the middle with some unnecessary detours. The climax covers the film’s flaws. Director Sunil Mysooru has done a neat job in delivering a feel-good film.

But what really impresses throughout the film is Raghu Dixit’s music. Three out of nine songs stand out – Dum Idre hodi nanna, Nadiyondu and Sulla Chandira lingers on and all are penned by Dhananjaya. The cinematography could have been better and editing should have been crisper.

Overall, it is a fresh attempt by a new team and can be enjoyed in theatres.

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