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Once Upon A Time In Jamaligudda

Once Upon A Time In Jamaligudda Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Once Upon A Time In Jamaligudda Movie Review : A Tale of Love and Lives

Plot: Chukki narrates the story of her childhood that she spent with her uncle, Hiroshima (Dhananjaya), which also includes a gruesome murder.

Review: Chukki (Mayuri Natraj) narrates the story of her childhood, set in the 90s, which includes time spent with her uncle, Hiroshima aka Krishna (Dhananjaya). Hiroshima is in love with Rukku (Aditi Prabhudeva), who works in a massage parlour. But their love story leads to chaos. Then, a murder changes the course of their lives. How they manage to come out of this mess forms the rest of the story.

The screenplay is the key component of any film; that too when it is a thriller. Since Once Upon a Time in Jamaligudda is an emotional thriller, the screenplay is pivotal in shaping the film. Hiroshima’s travel diaries with young Chukki (Praanya) are at the heart of the story. The twist in relationship between them forms the major element of the film. While the first half is a bit slow, the film picks up pace in the second half, which has a lot of twists and turns that keeps the audience hooked. Emotional scenes have been highlighted very well.

Dhananjaya, though known among his fans for mass films, has effortlessly pulled off the role of an innocent man. His presence elevates the story. Aditi delivers a profound performance. Yash Shetty grabs the attention just with his looks. Praanya is the one who has held the film together with her acting prowess. Nanda Gopal, Prakash Belawadi, and Bhaskar excel in the given space. Bhavana, too, has delivered a good performance.

The film is technically very strong. Karthik beautifully encapsulates the serene Western Ghats in his frames. Anoop Seelin’s score is pleasant and the song, Rangaada Ragale, lingers on.

Jamaligudda is a simple, feel-good film and can be watched in theatres with the family.

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