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Night Drive

Night Drive Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Night Drive Movie Review : An engrossing, edge-of-seat thriller

Story: Roping in the State’s recent infamous gold smuggling case, the film looks at corruption, love and betrayal

Review: Georgy (Roshan Mathew), an uber driver who wants to migrate to Dubai for a better future, and Riya (Anna Ben), a popular news channel reporter famous for her exclusive stories, are childhood friends and dating each other. One Christmas Eve night, after they go on a night drive to see the festive lights, things take a bad turn when on their way back, Riya, who is behind the wheel, gets into an argument with police CI Benny (Indrajith).

Matters escalate when soon after, her car hits a man who jumps in front of it. The couple rush him to the hospital, but now, she is once again under the CI’s mercy. It turns out that the man who was hit had stab wounds and they are now suspects of a murder attempt, as well.

Meanwhile, a senior politician (Siddique) is set to be searched and questioned by the NIA in a gold smuggling case the next day. How are the two stories linked and who is the accident victim holding the two threads together forms the rest of the thriller.

Director Vysakh, known for his mass entertainers, like Pokkiriraja and Pulimurugan, gives us a more toned down movie this time around. Just short of two hours, it is the right duration for an edge-of-seat thriller that never lags. Writer Abhilash Pillai has a crisp, neat storytelling style, while filling the plot with twists and suspense, and Vysakh’s treatment makes it feel like a fresh political suspense thriller, where an innocent couple are made scapegoats of the smuggling scam.

Roshan Mathew’s transformation from his usual soft-spoken young man to a sort of action hero is brilliant. Indrajith, as usual, injects a special something to each role and he seems to excel in playing police officers. Anna Ben and Siddique carry off their roles with the usual excellence that is now almost a given with them. Kalabhavan Shajon, Muthumani, Alexander Prashant and others in smaller roles are good, as well, though Ranji Panicker is wasted in the role of Anna Ben’s father.

Kochi city seems to sparkle under the lens of cinematographer Shaji Kumar. He almost makes you discover the city anew and in an awesome light. Ranjin Raj’s background music complements the situations well, though at times it feels a bit loud.

If you are looking for a good thriller to kick off your weekend, Night Drive is the film for you.
– V Vinod Nair

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