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Nenu C/o Nuvvu

Nenu C/o Nuvvu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Nenu C/o Nuvvu Movie Review : A routine love story throwing light on the evil of caste discrimination

Story: Prathap Reddy (Saga Reddy Thumma), a zamindar and president of the village with deep political connections, who believes in the caste system, discriminates against and terrorises people. Deepika (Sanya Sinha) is his only sister. But, despite knowing what he is signing up for, Maruthi (Rathna Kishore), a son of a shopkeeper from the same village, falls in love with Deepika and pursues and follows her everywhere. But, as love blossoms between the lead couple, things turn fatal. Will Maruthi and Deepika succeed, or will they crumble under the wrath of cruelty?

Review: Set in 1981, the movie begins on a violent note with Prathap flexing his muscles to kill a guy from the lower caste who tries to elope with a girl from the upper caste. All his choices are made from the word go, keeping caste in mind. On the other hand, his sister, who attends a local college, is a gentle soul who doesn’t look at caste and status. Thanks to the relentless pursuit by Maruthi, she falls in love with him after he helps her travel across the village river to attend her exam on time. Telugu audiences have seen such stories before, and the story per se doesn’t offer anything novel. While narrating the plot set in the 80s, the screenplay looks archaic and cliched. The comic scenes involving Satya don’t seem to integrate well into the script and run parallelly. Actors Rathna Kishore and Sanya Sinha gave decent performances, and director Saga Reddy Thumma, who also played the character of Prathap Reddy, looked ruthless and menacing. Supporting actors Mehboob Bahsa as Rambabu, Dhanraj as a groom from a lower caste, Satya as Satya, Radha Krishna as Bulli Abbaye and others played their parts to satisfaction. However, on the whole, performances could have been more refined.

The drone footage used extensively throughout the film to establish the scenes made the sequences appealing. The story, screenplay and dialogues are handled by Saga Reddy Thumma. The film had editing by Praveen Pudi, music by NR Raghunanthan and cinematography by G Krishna Prasad.

The film, Nenu C/o Nuvvu, directed by Saga Reddy Thumma and featuring Rathna Kishore and Sanya Sinha in the lead, is a routine love story which exposes the evil of caste discrimination. However, the archaic plot and cliched screenplay might not appeal to modern moviegoers.

– Paul Nicodemus

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