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Neetho Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Neetho Movie Review : A modern take on love and relationships

Story: Varun (Aberaam Varma), an insurance agent, meets Meghna (Saathvika Raj), the daughter of a wealthy businessman, over a marriage policy. Their interaction leads to sharing some details about their respective relationships. Circumstances that follow and their failed relationships make them meet more often, and it opens a door for the Cupid to strike. But can love happen more than once, or is it just a rebound?

Review: In a sea of love stories dished out every often, Neetho feels refreshing in its approach. Apart from some honest performances, well-shot frames and genre-encompassing soulful music form the movie’s soul. Cinematography by Sundar Ram Krishnan, music direction by Vivek Sagar and background score by Smaran need a special mention. The makers fused multiple genres to create the required ambience.

Hyderabad and its modern infrastructure became the film’s backdrop, and director Balu Sharma integrated it well with the contemporary approach to the age-old conflict of love. However, despite being refreshing, the film could’ve been crispier and more engaging. Introspecting monologues, philosophical dialogues and lengthy interactions between the characters, though meaningful, might only appeal to a niche audience. But for someone who connects to the film’s vibe, it would be an enjoyable ride. On a lighter note, the film had several coffee scenes, and a word of suggestion would be to pour some coffee into the empty coffee cups.

Aberaam as Varun and Saathvika as Meghana were relatable and seemed to have given their best. As Varun’s colleagues, Ravi Varma and Sunjiit Akkinepally created some needed humour and drama. In supporting roles, Rajiv Kanakala and Pavithra Lokesh played their parts well. The movie also paid tribute to the late TNR (Thummala Narasimha Reddy), who played a character in the film. The other cast includes Neha Krishna, Kavya Raman, Apoorva Srinivasan, Mohit Baid, Padmajaa El, Gururaj Manepalli, Sanjay Raichura, Snehal Jangala, AVR Swamy, CS Prakash, Sandeep Vijayvardhan and Krishna Mohan. The film has editing by Marthand K Venkatesh, costume design by Sanjana Srinivas, and lyrics by Kittu Vissapragada, Varun Vamsi, B, Srinivasa Mouli, and singing by Hari Haran, Goutham Bharadwaj, Vivek Sagar, Aditi Bhavaraju, Manisha Eerabathini and Lipsika Bhashyam.

On the whole, Neetho is a modern take on love and relationships. Watch it for its tastefully crafted scenes laced with soulful music. However, its introspective monologues and philosophical dialogues might only appeal to niche audiences.

Paul Nicodemus

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