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Nazar Andaaz

Nazar Andaaz Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Nazar Andaaz Movie Review : Kumud Mishra’s underdog film wins against all odds

Nazar Andaaz Story: Sudhir, a kind-hearted blind man in his mid-50s, lives alone with his housekeeper Bhavani. When Sudhir meets Ali, a thief, he offers him food and a job at his house. This makes both Bhavani and Ali envious of each other, and it turns out that they both have their sights set on Sudhir’s wealth. But the question is whether Sudhir will fall for their ruse or if he sees through it all and has a different plan for them.

Nazar Andaaz Review: Zindagi khoobsurat hai, farak sirf nazariye ka hai (Life is beautiful, the only difference is how you look at it),” is the basic premise Nazar Andaaz revolves around. The story is simple but full of life and hope, and Kumud Mishra’s heartwarming performance complements it nicely.

Director Vikrant Deshmukh’s debut film definitely strikes a chord from the beginning when a blind man Sudhir (Kumud Mishra) helps another visually-impaired person cross the road. The scene comes with poignant advice: “Don’t make taking help your habit, else you will keep on standing here and won’t be able to cross the road.” Deshmukh handles the film maturely, especially in the latter half.

Writer Rishi Virmani creates believable characters — housekeeper Bhavani (Divya Dutta) who takes care of Sudhir, Ali (Abhishek Banerjee), who helps him see the world through his imaginative stories or Sudhir himself, who wants to fulfil all of his dreams — that audience will undoubtedly root for. The film’s first half is a roller coaster ride as both Bhavani and Ali try to be in Sudhir’s good books to inherit his property. But, post-interval, the narrative takes an emotional turn that has a long-lasting impact. That being said, both the pre-climactic surprise and the climactic sequence are the most heartfelt and well-written parts of the story.

The soundtrack by Vishal Mishra complements the movie’s tone. However, except for ‘Lootere Aa Gaye,’ the rest of the songs are passable. The cinematography captures the locations of Mumbai and Gujarat, giving the plot an authentic feel.

Similar to Kumud’s previous roles, such as in the web series Dr. Arora- Gupt Rog Visheshagya or the negative character he played in the film Jogi, simply sleepwalks into every role he plays. He has played his character to the T here, whether it’s his constant facial muscle twitches or how differently-abled people struggle and explore the world. The duo of Divya Dutta’s Bhavani and Abhishek Banerjee’s Ali is fantastic —they are money-hungry but also caring and loving. Dutta’s Haryanvi accent and Banerjee’s tapori lingo complement each other and add to the intrigue of their dialouguebaazi. Rajeshwari Sachdeva leaves a fine mark in a special appearance as Mohini.

Conceptually, Nazar Andaaz is not extraordinary, but it effectively conveys a view of life that is beautiful with the right attitude. This drama is under-promoted; otherwise, this 104-minute underdog film wins against all odds.

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