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Nadhi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Nadhi Movie Review : An anti-caste love story that could have been more powerful

Nadhi Movie Synopsis: Thamizh, son of an auto-driver and Bharathi, who belongs to a politician family, fall in love with each other. Will they be able to lead a peaceful life amidst people with castiest mentalities?

Nadhi Movie Reveiw: Time and again, Tamil filmmakers are trying their best to break caste and social disparities through hard-hitting love stories featuring two innocent characters. The makers of Nadhi, directed by Thamarai Selvan, have a similar intention but fail to hit the bulls-eye in terms of filmmaking. Looks like, they have taken too much of inspiration from Kathir’s Pariyerum Perumal but only end up to serve it half cooked.

Nadhi had all the scope to become a good film but lazy writing at places have spoiled the good moments that it could’ve have created.

Thamizh (Sam Jones), son of auto driver Manikkam (Munishkanth), and Bharathi (Anandhi), who belongs to a castiest political family, study in the same college in Madurai. Bharathi forms a special bond with Thamizh after knowing about his family and their innocent nature. Even before Bharathi confesses her love for Thamizh, the former’s family frames him in a murder case which later becomes the talk of the town.

This forces Thamizh and Bharathi to take up the issue to the media, with the help of their relative, Karu Palaniappan, who is also a politician. Upset by this, Bharathi’s uncle, Vela Ramamoorthy, threatens to kill the couple for damaging their family’s pride. Bharathi’s ultimate decision to save Thamizh and his family forms up for an emotional climax.

Nadhi flows seamlessly in the first half, quenching all our thirst. But as the film progresses, it loses its track leaving the audience drained out. Thamizh (Sam Jones) performance is decent and he does well as an innocent youngster with a lot of passion within. His sequences with father Manikkam, played by Munishkanth, is quite entertaining and emotional. Manikkam is a Rajini fan and his character arc is fantastic throughout. While some scenes are written in a very sensible manner, a few badly written sequences spoil the core intention of the film.

Karu Palaniappan’s character is enticing and is something to watch out for. He is someone who does anything and everything to attain money and power. Vela Ramamoorthy steals the show with a power-packed performance. Especially, the scene where he threatens Anandhi gives you chills. However, with all of these, we still feel that the film lacks depth and doesn’t move us completely like what Pariyerum Perumal did.

Anandhi’s character here is bold and intense. She has done exceptionally well and proves time and again that she has all the capabilities to hold an entire film. The climax sequence does justice to the core content of the film but then it doesn’t it us very hard. The music elevates the drama and the background score was really good.

Overall, Nadhi is an average watch but definitely not something to be ignored.

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