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Naai Sekar Returns

Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review : Not the best return for Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu

Naai Sekar Returns Movie Synopsis: Naai Sekar, who decides to make money by kidnapping dogs, learns about his pet dog which was taken away from their family during his childhood. Can he rescue his dog, which is considered as a lucky charm?

Naai Sekar Returns Movie Review: Though Vadivelu – the comedian hasn’t been in action for quite a few years, his comic one-liners stand the test of time and is an essential part of youngster’s vocabulary in TN. That is why when Naai Sekar, his character in the recent comeback film, utters a few of his famous dialogues, the Vadivelu ‘fan’ within forces us to celebrate it. But then, everything ends there. Suraj, the director of Naai Sekar Returns, takes no efforts to pen an interesting screenplay and merely relies on his star’s yesteryear jokes and his antics. There are some really fun moments in the second half but doesn’t help much for the film to flourish.

Naai Sekar Returns begins by introducing two quirky kidnappers parallely – Dass (Anand Raj) and Naai Sekar (Vadivelu). While the former abducts girls, the latter kidnaps expensive dogs for money. Trouble begins when Naai Sekar kidnaps Dass’s favourite pet dog giving us a lead to a face off scene. This paves way to him learning about his family’s past and how their lucky dog was taken away leading to the family’s fall from grace.

The second half of the movie deals with Naai Sekar’s antics to rescue his family dog from a now influential kingpin, Max, in Hyderabad. Can Naai Sekar pull this mission successfully?

Vadivelu’s Naai Sekar Returns has a plot that’s new in many ways. Having a protagonist who is a dog kidnapper is sufficient enough to pull off a decent entertainer. However, the writer of the film, fails miserably to infuse interesting elements and subplots to hold the audience. Though we can cover all this up claiming it to be a mindless entertainer of sorts, the events that unfold on-screen doesn’t even evoke laughter (the reason for why we are even here).

Anand Raj’s one-liners works and it’s the only saviour of the film. His combination scenes with Vadivelu are fun and something to watch out for. Otherwise the film as a whole does nothing to you and it only forces us to carry a flat-face throughout. Shivani Narayanan plays Max’s sister and she appears in the second half for most parts. She has done justice to the role and delivered what’s expected out of her character. But if the writing could have been better, it would have added some sense to the script. Sivaangi appears only for a short duration of time and there’s no room for her to perform. Reddin Kingsley could concentrate on his comic timing instead of just repeating his antics by merely being loud.

Vadivelu is always a delight to watch on big screen. More than a comedian, he is a great performer and he has delivered his best. Better writing and screenplay could have actually helped him to make a comeback that would have been remembered by all his fans. Unfortunately! Not this time.

Santhosh Narayanan’s quirky songs and background score has helped a bit to elevate few sequences in the first half. Otherwise, the technical aspects of the film is very normal and nothing to be proud about. Naai Sekar Returns might not be the best return for Vadivelu but for atleast now that he is back, we hope better roles bring out the better performer in him.

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