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Mysore Diaries

Mysore Diaries Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 2.5 / 5

Mysore Diaries Movie Review : Mysore Diaries impresses only in parts

Plot: Likhith (Prabhu Mundkur) returns to his hometown, Mysuru, from USA after completing his studies and gets kidnapped. What do these kidnappers want from him?

Review: As the title suggests, the entire story takes place in Mysuru. Likhith (Prabhu Mundkur) returns to his hometown to meet his father and girlfriend, Anjana (Pavana Gowda), but gets kidnapped. To his surprise, Likhith finds out that the kidnappers are his childhood friends who are now doing petty jobs to eke out a living.

As Likhith spends some time with these friends, they throw a series of challenges at him. They make him work their jobs for a day to make him understand their struggles and the ground reality. This makes their bond grow stronger. A generous Likhith helps them tide over the crisis in their personal lives. But, sudden turn of events leads to love-hate relationship between Likhith and his friends. Their sudden change in behaviour after he announces his engagement with Anjana takes Likhith by surprise.

The film is based on love and friendship, but falls flat as it fails to evoke strong emotions. Prabhu Mundkur and Paavana Gowda have given their best. A soothing music is the only solace in the movie. The film’s content lacks conviction. Slow-paced narrative, outdated screenplay and predictable content makes this an average film. If you are a fan of films based on friendship and love, the movie may impress you.

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