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Mukundan Unni Associates

Mukundan Unni Associates Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Mukundan Unni Associates Movie Review : A dull narrative

Story: Advocate Mukundan Unni aspires to be successful in his career. As he struggles to find a space in the legal scenario, he meets advocate Venu, which changes the purpose and aim of his life.

Review: When Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s French film Amelie explores the life of Amelie Puline, a misfit and an oddball in society, with an interesting narrative style, Abhinav Sunder Nayak in his debut movie has tried to look at the life of an advocate with a complicated personality in a similar style.

The film that starts with interesting titular narration, with even reducing the screen size that could make the ‘mobile friendly’ generation comfortable in theatres, falls short in holding attention to the story as the movie proceeds.

Advocate Mukundan Unni is a native of Kalpetta, who aspires to be successful before 30. However, the 36 year old is a struggling junior advocate with an equally struggling advocate girlfriend, Jyoti. Mukundan is a highly complicated personality who knows all the criminal shortcuts of survival. He loves crime, enjoys bloodshed and also has killed his grandfather who sounds like the lawyer in Meesha Madhavan, named Mukundan Unni.

As Mukundan Unni fails in his every attempt to be successful in life, he meets advocate Venu who helps him to pay the hospital bills for his mother who has met with a minor accident. Mukundan gets new ideas to success through Venu and starts his life afresh with an aim to make money, and gain prosperity and victory. As he takes the audience ahead along with his thoughts, they also realise that Mukundan Unni is more a criminal than an advocate who manages to win every situation using his legal knowledge.

The movie keeps reminding one of Amelie, with its music style and narration. Though the story opens to a big scam that’s happening in the health sector, it does not give one the chills and thrills, a thriller could give or the joy that watching a movie would provide. Instead, it getting boring with Mukundan Unni narrating every aspect of the movie. The complications, overthinking and manipulations are, at times, unbearable.

As the prime focus is on the narcissist Mukundan Unni, it’s difficult to look at other characters in depth. The movie has only one perspective and leads nowhere other than the wretched mind of the protagonist. Sudhi Koppa, Tanvi Ram, Suraj Venjaramoodu and Arsha Chandini have played their characters well.

The movie is decently made with good editing and cinematography. The music is also interesting, though neither the songs nor the lyrics impress.

On the whole, the subjective storytelling adapted in the film has not worked well. Apart from that, how interesting would a two-hour journey through the mind of a criminal who succeeds in the post truth era? Here, as the movie’s title suggests, it’s all about Mukundan Unni – the villain and hero.
– Anjana George

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