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Ms. Nandini

Ms. Nandini Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Ms. Nandini Movie Review : Priyanka Upendra shines in this well-intentioned drama

Plot: Miss Nandini’s arrival at a government school in Saraswatipura in Kadur changes the power equation. Can Nandini bring the much-needed change to the education system?

Review: Newly transferred teacher, Miss Nandini (Dr Priyanka Upendra), finds out that the lethargic management and naughty students are responsible for Saraswatipura government school’s bad reputation. She slowly wins the confidence of her students and colleagues and turns around the school to make it one of the model schools in the state. Amid all this, she encounters jealous colleagues, corrupt seniors and power-hungry politicians. Can Miss Nandini become the flag-bearer of the future and change the education system?

The first half of the film is filled with light-hearted moments of camaraderie between Miss Nandini and her students. It talks about how a teacher is instrumental in shaping a child’s overall personality. It follows a formulaic approach with Nandini encouraging the kids to participate in co-curricular activities, motivating parents to send them to school, and single-handedly cracking down on corrupt people who embezzle grant money.

The second half deals with a serious issue pertaining to the survival of government schools and how Nandini, along with her student army, manages to bring about a revolution in the education system. The film deals with the commercialisation of education.

Dr Priyanka Upendra shines in this well-intentioned formulaic film that is very predictable. Supporting actors KS Sridhar, Lakshmi, Bhavya, Balaraj Wadi, have given a breezy performance. Predictability has killed the plot of the film. Amid mass thrillers, Miss Nandini is a film that propagates the message about saving government schools, and does stand out. The film can be enjoyed in theatres with family and children.

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