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Mr. Bachelor

Mr. Bachelor Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Mr. Bachelor Movie Review : An engaging romantic comedy that serves its purpose

Protagonist Karthik (Darling Krishna) is a middle-class, happy-go-lucky guy. Very early in life, he realises that the only way he can be happy is by entering into wedlock. His parents ask him to finish his studies and get a job to find a right match.

As soon as he starts working, his parents look for a perfect girl. Perturbed by rejections, they seek out an astrologer, who tells them that Karthik cannot find a girl because of a curse the family is facing. When his trauma is about to end, a girl puts a condition that he lose his virginity. This proves to be a thorn in the flesh in Karthik’s life, adding a twist to the tale.

Mr Bachelor is the latest in a streak of romantic comedies for Darling Krishna, which has become his forte. This film touches on the question of relationships and marriage, while throwing in some thriller elements.

Mr Bachelor relies heavily on Karthik’s character whose main motto is to get married. The film has a few hilarious moments, funny dialogues and double entendres which spice up the story. Darling Krishna, as usual, fits into the role perfectly, his character getting serious as the story rolls on and he shines in action sequences as well.

However, the story lacks tempo, especially in the first half, and a few dull scenes could have been avoided. The songs are the biggest let-down. Nimika Ratnakar and Milana Nagaraj as close friends have good screen space and prove their mettle. Ayyappa P Sharma is at his best as an antagonist.

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