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Monster Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Monster Movie Review : A homophobic failure

Story: On their first wedding anniversary, Lucky Singh, an entrepreneur from Punjab walks into the lives of Anil Chandra and Bhamini. Little do they know that this man will change their future

Review: Lucky Singh’s entry was expected to be a thrilling surprise not only for the waiting taxi driver, Bhamini, on screen but also for the audience. Unfortunately, the previous sequences were so cliched, the audience could easily guess it was a build up to introduce ‘superstar’ Mohanlal. And he enters with flirtatious double entendre dialogues filled with words like ‘stepney’ and ‘jacky’ that reek of sexism.

Bhamini (Honey Rose) is a wife and a mother who juggles home and office tirelessly. She is loving, caring and smart. While her husband, Anil Chandra (Sudev Nair), who is recuperating after a car accident, and her daughter stay at home, she works as a taxi driver to take care of the family. On their first wedding anniversary, a passenger in her cab, Lucky Singh (Mohanlal), forcibly joins her to celebrate it at the couple’s apartment. Lucky walks into their life with some unlucky twists and turns.

Director Vyshak ‘s latest crime thriller, written by Udaykrishna is filled with cliches, stereotypes and a lack of logic. Someone who is a fan of thrillers and an avid viewer of other language crime thriller movies can easily guess the storyline in the first half itself. Also, the final ‘culprits’, as the team has not worked on one important character, remains a misfit on screen from the beginning. It would definitely take a Malayali psyche to think about the climax and ‘who is who’. There’s nothing to highlight on the technical side as everything blends with the flawed story line, including Deepak Dev’s music which reminds one of many popular Hollywood numbers.

The movie is highly gender insensitive and homophobic. It is quite unfortunate to think that an entire movie enacted by the so-called ‘complete actor’ is written without even basic research on the crucial plot they wanted to explore. The movie highlights an incident that took place in 2011 in Haryana, where the court gave legal recognition to same-sex marriage. Even before one can feel glad about sexuality being discussed in a mainstream movie, the traits of homophobia and the characters being associated with crime and drugs arises. Anybody with gender sensibility would feel offended and walk out with a disheartened and frustrated mind.

It’s sad to see the fall of an actor who has bagged five National Awards and nine State Awards and has showcased amazing performances in films like Vanaprastham, Spadikam, Iruvar and Kireedam to name a few. The screen was filled with buffoonery that would make even fans cringe.

As the title says, the film is all about a monster who has the choice to use the trust of his fans to take up the Malayalam cinema or to bring it down. Well, do fans and films need any logic?
– Anjana George

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