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Monsoon Raaga

Monsoon Raaga Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Monsoon Raaga Movie Review : A perfectly brewed story for the rainy season

Plot: Four love stories of people from different age groups come alive in small towns in the coastal region. Love transcends all kinds of social and economical barriers and blooms in the hearts of eight protagonists and pours down like a monsoon rain only to end with thunder and lightning.

Review: Who doesn’t enjoy a good rain on a gloomy evening? Well, everyone does, and they all have their own ways to celebrate rain. Similarly, with four different love stories of people of different age groups, Monsoon Raaga has something for everyone. Though there are four stories running simultaneously, the movie gets better with the introduction of new characters.

The story revolves around schoolchildren Sundaram-Suchitra, thug Joseph and Brahmin girl Ragasudha, liquor shop employee Kate and his love interest Asma Banu, a prostitute, and office attender Raju and Hasini, a widow with a 20-year-old daughter. How everything boils down to love only to take us to a thrilling climax forms the rest of the story.

The movie runs smooth like a painting. Transition from one character to another is very natural. Music, cinematography and actors are the pillars of Monsoon Raaga. Dhananjaya has set a benchmark with this film, he knows how to romance the love of his life, while also getting into mass avatar to beat thugs to a pulp. Rachita Ram is a revelation in the film. This is undoubtedly her career-best performance. She communicates with her eyes and steals heart with her dimples. Yasha Shivakumar’s dance in the song Raga Sudha elevates the song itself. Child artistes Nihal, Kristi Shetty, Shivank have done their jobs well. Umesh’s acting gets his character all the love and sympathy it needs. Achyut Kumar and Suhasini come as they are, and it is a treat to watch them together. Apart from actors and location, the rain itself plays a character, which is a treat for the eyes and ears.

The movie is a faithful remake of Telugu film C/O Kancharapalem. But what elevates Monsoon Raaga is its actors and cinematography. While the original had some of the best performances by real people, Monsoon Raaga scores one rank higher with its brilliant cast. Cinematographer SK Rao has ensured that each frame is captured like a painting. Director S Ravindranath has tried to keep the plot true to the original, while also giving the actors their due credit. Anoop Seelin’s songs come like a warm blanket on a cold day. It blends well with the film, and leaves you feeling warm and comfortable. There are many memorable dialogues too. The film delivers what is expected from the team.

Monsoon Raaga is the perfect way to get drenched, this season.

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