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Modi Ji Ki Beti

Modi Ji Ki Beti Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Modi Ji Ki Beti Movie Review : Mildly entertaining and has its moments

Modiji Ki Beti Story: Two bumbling Pakistani wannabe militants want to prove themselves as jihadis and win their leader’s trust. They kidnap an Indian actress, Avni Modi, who is misrepresented in the media as the country’s PM Modi’s daughter. When the duo discovers it’s a mistaken identity, they try to send her back, but it proves to be more challenging than they think.

Modiji Ki Beti Review: Avni Modi (Avani Modi) is a successful model and actress who becomes an overnight sensation when the media takes her remark out of context and calls her PM Modi’s daughter. On the other hand, Bilal (Pitobhash) and Tauseef (Vikram Kochchar) do odd jobs like cooking and cleaning at a militant training camp in PoK. They think they can do better than the other militants and try to persuade their leader to give them an opportunity. When they are thrown out of the camp for injuring a member, they decide to cross the border and kidnap Avni from Kashmir, where she’s shooting. And thus starts a series of comical events.

When they discover she’s not Modiji ki beti and want to send her back, Avni is worried the media will call it fake kidnapping. So, she decides to stick around with them for five days. The kidnappers now need to hide her from the police and the army, including Major Omar (Tarun Khanna), who’s been tasked with finding her at any cost.

Director Eddy Singh does a decent job, and the plot may pass off as credible for a slapstick comedy, but the screenplay could have been better. Another flaw is that it suffers from the India-vs-Pakistan and other related tropes — Avni tries to show them that common citizens only care for peace and are not as gung-ho about winning Kashmir. Bilal and Tauseef admit they were brainwashed and handed weapons when they were 14. Visually, the film is a treat since it’s set in Kashmir and PoK. Cinematographer Subranshu has captured the landscape and the valleys beautifully.

Pitobhash and Vikram, the two bungling terrorists, are moderately good. Their antics in some scenes are amusing — when they try to prove their bravery and in the kidnapping sequence when they show up with only one mask and split it into halves to cover their faces. Avani Modi is promising as a performer. Tarun doesn’t have much scope but plays his part well.

You might find the movie mildly entertaining if you overlook the loose screenplay and direction. Though, it does have its moments.

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