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Mini Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.0 / 5

Mini Movie Review : A film that celebrates motherhood

Mini revolves around a little girl who lives with her mother and maternal grandma as her father has left them for another woman. Although Mini (Ayanna Chatterjee) is mature enough, she fails to keep her cool when her classmates tease her about it. Mini’s aunt Titli (Mimi Chakraborty), on the other hand, is an independent woman, a fashion designer, who lives life on her own terms. At the same time, she respects family values. Relationships play a vital role in her world till a few twists in the tale change her life forever. Now, Titli is tasked with looking after Mini for a few months. Initially, Titli, who calls herself a loser, can’t deal with the situation and vents her anger on her beau, Deep (Saptarshi Maulik), and even misbehaves with Mini. But with time, Mini and Titli become inseparable.
Then Mini’s mom comes to take her child back and all hell breaks loose.
As for performances, Mimi as Titli is a natural. Ayanna as Mini, too, does a good job. But it is Kamalika Banerjee who steals the show with her heart-warming performance as Mini’s mom.
The film comes as a tribute to all the mothers of the world on Mother’s Day. But Mainak, who has given us films like Maach Mishti & More and Bibaho Diaries, disappoints us a bit with this one. On its surface, the movie is a sweet, fun ride and one can even relate to the trials and tribulations of the characters at some point or the other. But despite all the good intentions, it fails to tug at the heartstrings because of a weak storyline. There’s nothing in it that we haven’t seen before. Even the comedy, this time, fails to tickle. There are also a few scenes, especially in the second half, that come across as a little abrupt, leaving the audience wondering what has just happened and why.
The music by Savvy, Ranajoy Bhattacharjee and Mainak Mazoomdar is nothing extraordinary, but goes with the mood of the film.
Overall, Mini is a one-time watch keeping in mind the actors’ performances.

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