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Middle Class Love

Middle Class Love Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Middle Class Love Movie Review : It’s a light and breezy coming-of-age drama

Middle-Class Love Story: A young boy is frustrated with his middle-class family’s lifestyle and believes that attending an elite college and dating a wealthy girl is an ideal way to get away from it.

Middle-Class Love Review: ‘Middle-Class Love,’ set in a small-town middle-class milieu, is the story of Yudi Sharma (Prit Kamani), who believes that every middle-class family suffers from khatarnak bimari known as ‘middleclassosis,’ in which people’s lives and decisions revolve around ‘paise bachao,’ and they can never be ‘cool’. But Yudi has some bigger plans for living a rich and contented life. For that, he wants his VIP ticket—by enrolling in an elite university and winning his VIP ticket to date a wealthy and beautiful Sysha Oberoi (Kavya Thapar). But life isn’t that simple. Yudi got into the college of his dreams, but Sysha is way out of his league. Will Aisha Tripathi’s (Eisha Singh) presence in their lives result in a love triangle, or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Director Ratnaa Sinha, who has previously helmed Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana (2017), instills all the ingredients required for a successful rom-com and bromance—love, unconditional friendship, and filmy drama— ‘Middle-Class Love’ keeps you hooked. The first half of this 136-minute drama is quite easy and breezy, but after the interval, it transforms into a total siyapaa with all the heartbreaks and some truth revelations. The screenplay has been written keeping the youth in mind, but has nothing new to offer in any aspect. There is not much in it for the audience solely because it is a mishmash of all other romedies and bromances we’ve seen so far.

The film’s coolness is enhanced by the team’s use of Mussoorie’s picturesque location in conjunction with good production design, which is produced by Ratnaa’s husband Anubhav Sinha, who has recently helmed Hindi film Anek.

The dialogues are the most interesting and relatable ones, and everyone in the middle class has undoubtedly heard from their parents. For instance, Yudi’s father (superbly played by Manoj Pahwa) repeatedly tells him, “jitni chadar ho utne hi pair failane chahiye.” The songs by Himesh Reshammiya are easily forgettable.

As a wannabe cool boy, Prit Kamani did full justice to his role. After Manoj Pahwa, he has the best and the funniest dialogues in the film. For instance, he casually remarks, “haan bola toh Ranvir Singh ban jaunga aur na bola toh Kabir Singh ban jaunga,” just before making a proposal. Kavya Thapar and Eisha Singh, both debutantes, are convincing. They look comfortable in every frame. Kavya needs to work on her acting skills, especially in sequences that are emotionally charged.

Overall, ‘Middle-Class Love’ is not an emotionally charged film, but it does have a sense of humour and relatable situations that any middle-class person or youth can identify with. This fun and lighthearted coming-of-age story is entertaining to watch.

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