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Mann Kasturi Re

Mann Kasturi Re Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Mann Kasturi Re Movie Review : Tejasswi and Abhinay’s love story has an unexpected climax

Sanket Mane is not a new name to Marathi cinema, having worked as an assistant director on films like Bhetali Tu Punha, Daagdi Chaawl and Tu Hi Re, and writing or co-writing for films like Khari Biscuit and Pari Hoon Main. With Mann Kasturi Re, Sanket marks his directorial debut. The film is a story of youngsters who are willing to do whatever it takes to help their love triumph. But, what happens when some unexpected events affect this journey? That’s what the film is about.

More often than not, women are more often the victims of crimes, compared to men. There are various reasons behind this, the patriarchal system, family traditions and beliefs being some of them. However, men are also falsely accused some times and such incidents have come forth via the news too. Taking cue from this, Sanket has woven Mann Kasturi Re around something similar.

Shruti (Tejasswi Prakash) and Siddhant (Abhinay Berde) are lovers at the center of this story. The carefree Shruti falls in love with the calm, restrained Siddhant. At first Siddhant tries distancing himself from her but Shruti persists and Siddhant gradually falls for her too. Their families belong to different social and economic strata and when Shruti’s father knows about this love affair, he doesn’t approve of it. He hatches a plan to create a rift between Shruti and Siddhant. As a result, Siddhant faces jail time. What happens next is for you to find out.

While some scenes stand out, the screenplay comes across as sloppy. The cinematography is glossy, probably a bit too much. The first half is a tad boring, but the second half picks pace. It all boils down to an unexpected climax that heightens the impact of the film.

In the acting department, Veena Jamkar as Siddhanth’s mother stands out. Abhinay Berde and Tejasswi Prakash give it their best and have tried to do justice to their roles. All in all, the film is a decent watch, especially for fans of the young lead actors.

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