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Main Te Bapu

Main Te Bapu Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Main Te Bapu Movie Review : It’s a family entertainer with a sweet plot packed with laughter

‘Main Te Bapu’ Movie Review: It’s a family entertainer with a sweet plot packed with laughter


Parmish Verma and Dr. Satish Verma starrer ‘Main Te Bapu’ is a story of a son and his widower father, who decided never to get married for the sake of his kid. However, when the son grows old and realizes that his father has always endured a void in his life after the demise of his mother, he decides to find the perfect match for his old man. He tries every trick in the book to get his father ready for marriage. And just when everything seems to fall in place, the father’s marriage becomes a hindrance in the son’s wedding. From there a battle between the father and son begins.


In the movie ‘Main Te Bapu’, for the first time, we saw the real-life father and son Dr. Satish Verma and Parmish Verma working together on the big screen. This real-life duo coming on reel created quite a hype right from the word go, and to be honest it did stand to the set expectations.

Parmish Verma in his conversation with us mentioned that his character ‘Laali’ is very much similar to his real-life persona. In the movie we see, Laali taking his father for a ride on various occasions. When he wanted to go to Canada, he tried to manipulate his father into liking the idea of moving to a foreign land. When he wanted his father to get married, he again left no stone unturned to find a match for him and to make him agree to the notion of second marriage. He is like one mischievous kid who would do anything to have what he wants, and in all these tricks, he gets undying support from his uncle (played by Sukhwinder Chahal).

Coming to Dr. Satish Verma, he plays a very strict, disciplined, and understanding father. He gives his life away for his son and even agrees to get married at the age of 60 only for the happiness of his kid. However, in this same journey, he falls in love and despite Laali’s disapproval continues to have a relationship.

Now whether he gets married or not, or whether Laali gets his way, this we will not disclose. However, we can talk a little more about the story. Written by Jagdeep Warring, it is a finely weaved plot. Though it is a piece of fiction, the inspiration has been taken from real-life instances only. Right from the fun banter, to the emotional moments, everything in the story connects straight to the heart. Also, the whole storyline is packed with gags. The writer has played with situational comedy in a very subtle yet hilarious way. Basically, there is no dull moment in the movie, and unlike most Punjabi films, it doesn’t look stretched.

Another element of the movie that impressed us was the use of real-life pictures on the reel. Parmish Verma’s real childhood pictures were featured in a number of shots, giving a personal touch to the plot.

Further, the music of the movie was soothing. The emotional tracks and love ballads were the highlights.

Last but not the least, the review will be incomplete without the mention of Sandeeja Shaikh, Sukhwinder Chahal, Gurmeet Saajan, and Sunita Dhir. They all had pivotal roles in the movie, and without the contribution of their characters, the story would have lost its charm.

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