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Maha Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 1.5 / 5

Maha Movie Review : Even STR and Hansika can’t save this underwhelming thriller

Maha Movie Synopsis: A mother who loses her child to psycho killer’s killing spree goes in search for answers

Maha Movie Review: In most psycho-thrillers, the protagonist, usually a cop, goes in search of missing bodies and a killer who is threatening the city. Maha also follows the same genre trope with the only difference being that here the victim’s mother goes in search of the killer. Debutant director UR Jameel’s intention to tell the pain of a mother who has lost her daughter to a sick-mind is appreciable, however, none of the sequences or characters let us connect with them emotionally. The staging looks fake and there nothing is new on offer.

In the very first scene, we are introduced to Malik (STR) and Maha (Hansika) who are head-over-heels in love with each other. STR gets the usual, age-old introduction scene where goons tease the heroine and the hero saves the damsel from distress. Within few minutes, the mood of the film shifts drastically, where we get to see a murder. An 8-year-old girl gets killed in a mysterious way and Vikram (Srikanth) starts investigating the case. Even before they crack the case, another school girl goes missing. This time, it’s Maha’s daughter Aishwarya.

While things get serious, the granddaughter of Alex (Thambi Ramaiah), one of the cops involved with the case also goes missing. What’s happening in Maha’s life and who is the actual killer form the crux of this movie.

Though the killer is revealed in the first few minutes of the film, the director tries to deliver a so-called twist in the interval sequence which doesn’t work out well. Also, the love sequences between STR and Hansika are shown in a non-linear way which disturbs the flow of the film. Two songs in the second half also act as a dampener.

Hansika’s performance in the emotional sequences are good but doesn’t help elevate the sequences. Thambi Ramaiah has given his best, especially in the scenes where he narrates his ordeal to Srikanth. Karunkaran has done a decent job even though he doesn’t have much scope to perform.

For such psycho-thrillers, every scene should elevate the mood of the film and keep the audience engaged throughout. However, in Maha, the writing is not grippy enough to hook the audience and none of the scenes come together.

In short, Maha is not that effective as it was intended to be.

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