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Madhi Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Madhi Movie Review : An emotionally stirring romantic drama

Story: Abhimanyu, aka Abhi and Madhu, two next-door youngsters, are deeply in love with each other. But, unfortunately, caste plays spoilsport, and Madhu’s father gets her married to someone from their caste. In a salvaging effort, Madhu and Abhi decide to continue their love story even after her marriage. But do they succeed in continuing this unconventional relationship?

Review: Love, estrangement and flood, the tagline sums up the plight of our lead couple. The movie once again brings forth the influence of caste on human relationships. While some of the interactions in the film suggest that times are changing and it’s time for people who cling to more archaic ways of living to become more open-minded, Abhi and Madhu become the victims in the equation. With no solution, they opt to continue their love even after one gets married. But it comes with challenges, and everything is not the same. Abhi goes through a tumultuous period, not knowing what he should be doing – he can neither forget nor accept the new relationship.

Shreeram Nimmala did an impressive job portraying an eternal lover, initially a happy boyfriend and later a heartbroken lover. On the other hand, Richa Joshi looked adorable as a girl next door who chose to cross boundaries for her lover. Sneha Madhuri Sharma, Srikanth Biroju, Yogi Khatri and others played their part.

Technically the movie comes across as a decent outing, with Naga Dhanush handling the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction. However, the screenplay could have been more engaging and suffers from its slow-paced narration. The film had cinematography by Vijay Tagore, music by PVR Raja, editing by Pradeep Jambiga and costumes by Haneela.

Madhi, directed by Naga Dhanush, featuring Shreeram Nimmala and Richa Joshi in lead roles, is an emotionally stirring romantic drama with a melancholic tone. However, while the lead pair makes the audience root for their plight, the story could have been showcased in a more engaging manner avoiding cliches.

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