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Maa Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 4.0 / 5

Maa Movie Review : It is a script written with emotions and performed with heart


‘Maa’ is a story of a mother Manjeet Kaur (Divya Dutta) and her two sons Jora (Gippy Grewal) and Taqdeer (Babbal Rai). Though Jora is the adopted son, neither Manjeet nor Taqdeer treats him any differently. Similarly, Jora is like one perfect son and brother that any family can ask for. As kids, both Jora and Taqdeer love their mother unconditionally; however, as time goes by things start to change. Taqdeer gets busy with his college life, sports, and love affair with Sargi (Aarushi Sharma), and hardly pays any attention to Manjeet. Her heart cries to talk to her son, to hold him the way she used to when he was a kid, but she knows now her Taqdeer has grown too big to fit in her embrace. On the other hand, Jora’s bond with his mother and brother only grows stronger and deeper with time.

Further, their extended family poses a threat. They go to all lengths possible to harm Manjeet’s family. They try to jeopardize Taqdeer’s career and make vicious plans to take his life as well. However, do they get success in their attempts or not, is something that is revealed in the climax, and we are not going to give you any spoilers here.

Nevertheless, we are going to talk about the story’s impact, the performance of the actors, and the music of the movie.

Starting with the story, it without a doubt has been packed with the most sentimental elements. And though the script is high on emotions, it doesn’t drift away from reality. Rana Ranbir has taken accounts from real-life situations. Through his writing, he has shown how a mother never turns a blind eye toward her child, despite knowing the fact that her kid is all set to take a flight of his own.

Also, in the script, there is a small love story, which tugs at the heartstrings instantly. And this love story is not of Taqdeer and Sargi but of the former’s parents Parghat and Manjeet.

Parghat and Manjeet’s love story is a very dreamy tale. He understands even the unsaid things, while she too can read his mind. Together, they pose as a powerful couple who can win the entire world with their love and pure heart. Their tale is shown in the second of the movie, and that too only for a couple of minutes, but since it has so much love and innocence that its memory lingers even after the whole movie is over.

Now we talk about the cast of the movie. On one hand, where each character has been written with utmost finesse, on the other hand, each actor with their skills and devotion has done justice to the parts given. We start with the main lead of the movie, Manjeet Kaur a.k.a Divya Dutta. The seasoned actress has proved her mettle once again. She played a fierce woman with a heart of god. And her transition from being a soft-hearted mother to a strong lady who is nothing less than a tigress was simply seamless.
Having said that, we can’t ignore the amazing work done by both Gippy Grewal and Babbal Rai as brothers. Gippy played a short-tempered yet innocent son, whose life begins and ends with his mother and brother. His expression in every shot, be that of love, aggression, or remorse, touched hearts instantly. On the same hand, Babbal Rai too made sure to bring every layer of his character to the screen in a beautiful way. He shed a lot of weight and went through intense training to fit into the skin of an athlete, and he did a fabulous job in the same. And besides the look of the character, he caught his feel right as well. From playing an ignorant son to being the son his mother always wanted, his journey as Taqdeer is engaging and inspiring.

Last but not least, other actors like Gurpreet Ghuggi, Nirmal Rishi, Raghveer Boli, Vadda Grewal, and others, who had lesser screen time but pivotal parts to play, also did commendable work. Though Gurpreet was seen only for a couple of minutes in the second half of the movie, in those couple of minutes, he wooed the audience. Further Raghveer Boli, played a differently-abled character in the movie, and his acting in the same is beyond comparison. Even in a small role, the actor has outshined many others.

All in all, the performance of each actor in the film sets a high bar.

Now coming to the music of the movie, since the entire film is very sentimental the music is also colored in the same hues. Apart from the love ballad, every song of the movie was well placed and had the power to move the audience.

In a nutshell, if you plan to see this movie, make sure to carry your tissues.

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