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Luv Ni Love Storys

Luv Ni Love Storys Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : 3.5 / 5

Luv Ni Love Storys Movie Review : Luv Ni Love Storys

Synopsis: The plot follows Luv through various stages of his life and many of his relationships. In pursuit of the one true love of his life, he ends up leading himself to a trippy roller-coaster ride of multiple relationships. Will his experiences make him lose his faith in love, or make him look for it even more strongly?

Review: Durgesh Tanna’s multi-starrer film is a perfect family drama with a strong focus on different hues of love. In terms of direction, Durgesh has been impressive when compared to his debut film. From scenes to locations to cinematography, this film is a visual treat. When it comes to dialogues and lyrics, it has a lot to offer to the viewers and that automatically upgrades the quality of the cinematic content on offer. Musically, this film is a delight. Thanks to the successful musical camaraderie of Parth Bharat Thakkar, Niren Bhatt and singers like Aditya Gadhavi, Siddharth Bhavsar, Yashika Sharma, all of them have added more value to LNLS. Songs like Ghume Ghume Jaay Re and Aasmaani are melodious and they stay with the audience.

Coming to the acting department, there are some strong performances. Needless to say, Pratik Gandhi lives up to his reputation of being a fabulous performer and carries the entire film on his shoulders, although seems slightly less convincing while portraying the young Luv. But otherwise, he nails the role to perfection. Vyoma is an absolute delight and does total justice to the character of Sonam. Shraddha Dangar as Mishti is super adorable, and aptly plays the girl next door character. Deeksha Joshi makes you hate and love her at the same time as Preeti. This one is an unpredictable character that she has taken up, and she does justice to it. Even the supporting cast lifts the film to a different level.

The overall experience dips slightly due to its editing, and certain scenes feel a bit dragged, especially in the first half and a couple of scenes in the second half.

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