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Lokkhi Chhele

Lokkhi Chhele Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Lokkhi Chhele Movie Review : A reality check you shouldn’t miss

Lokkhi Chhele is a beautiful film. Not because it’s well made, includes some great performances, or has a touching story. It’s all of that, and one thing more. In a film that’s all about faith, religion is just an insignificant afterthought. Amir, the Lokkhi chhele, is a human being first. And that’s the mirror society needs right now.
The film follows Amir and his friends as they overcome various obstacles to save Lokkhi. And along the way, it delves into the bigotry that’s prevalent in society and many other evils. But that’s the story, which is good and flows smoothly. There are hardly any gaps in the narrative, though a few flaws do peep through along the way. But we’ll come to those later.
First, the strongest aspect of the film — acting. Everyone, from Ujaan to Babul Supriyo, who enters the narrative in the second half, has done complete justice to their characters, if not more. Ujaan, especially, is quite impactful as the young and impulsive do-gooder with a short fuse. His expressions are perfect, except for a short snatch towards the end where a stare of fear seems to appear at the wrong moment. Purab and Ritwika are perfect as his partners in ‘crime’ along with Ambarish. Churni Ganguly and Babul Supriyo are at their natural best, as they go about playing guides and mentors to Amir and his gang, while they try to save Lokkhi. The beauty of the performances lies in the balance the director has created — no actor takes up too much prominence in terms of screen space or dialogues. Everyone is a part of the narrative and contributes equally to its flow.
But yes, too much positivity can get preachy at times. And that’s the zone the film ventures into at times. Too much time seems to have been spent on preachy dialogues between Lokkhi being rescued from her ‘temple’ to reaching the hospital. Some of it is nice to hear and can nudge you to introspect, but the film wouldn’t have missed a beat had these sequences been cut out.
Then there’s that strange decision to send the youngsters back to a village seething with rage at their act. Though it sets up the climax, it seems a bit forced.
All said and done, Lokkhi Chhele is a reality check with the right dose of drama and emotions that will make you smile and cry with Amir and his gang. A must watch.

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