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Lilly Rani

Lilly Rani Movie Review

by rameshe

Critic’s Rating : / 5

Lilly Rani Movie Review : An interesting idea marred by amateurish filmmaking

Lilly Rani Movie Synopsis: A sex worker sets out on a journey to find the father of her child as the latter is suffering from rare medical condition.

Lilly Rani Movie Review: Some films have scope to create engaging conflicts but collapses on its own due to inconsistent writing and filmmaking. Lilly Rani is one such film that doesn’t grab our attention even with a decent plot idea. The film revolves around life of a sex worker who goes in search of a man to save her child suffering from a rare medical condition. While the film starts off well, it ends miserably with a quirky twist that doesn’t work.

Rani (Chaya Singh), a sex worker discovers that her child is suffering from bone marrow cancer and sets out to find the father of her child. While this given situation is really hard to cope up with for a sex worker, Rani is brave enough to approach two men who she thinks might be the reason for her pregnancy. One is Sambavamoorthi (Thambi Ramaiah) an aged policeman who is on the verge of retirement and another is the son of influential politician, Minister Arputham (Jayaprakash) who do anything save his image.

Rani can save her child only with the bone marrow of the child’s father and which is why she is desperately on a search pursuit. Will Rani be able to convince the real father and save her child on time?

Lilly Rani’s concept is quite interesting on paper due to its complexities with the life of a sex worker. However, the making, the treatment and other conflict points go for a toss as the film progresses. What’s unbearable is the technical aspect of the film, which makes it a painful watch for the viewers. The audio levels are so bad that one doesn’t even get to hear the dialogues properly. More efforts should have been gone into the post production atleast to save the film to an extent.

Director Vishnu Ramakrishnan’s idea to start this film as an emotional drama and to end it as a quirky thriller is laudable. But the writing wasn’t organic and does nothing to keep the audience engrossed throughout. Some sequences are blank and add no value to the script. For instance, we see Micheal (Dushyanth), son of the politician, consuming alcohol for for almost two to three minutes without any purpose. We are shown just that and nothing more.

Both Thambi Ramaiah and Chaya Singh have performed well and their combination scenes work to some extent. Chaya Singh, except for her dubbing, has done a pretty decent job. Jayaprakash appears only in the climax and his character doesn’t have much scope to perform. Lilly Rani could have been a decent outing if more experienced technical crew would have handled the same content.

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